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Dispelling the Myth: Telecom Billing System Migrations made Easy!

The common perception within the IT and Telecoms reseller space is that telecom billing system migrations are painful and disruptive. At Tekton Billing, we’ve made it our mission to challenge and change this perception. Why should it be that difficult?

With hundreds of migrations completed in recent years, we have continually refined our process to ensure a seamless transition for our partners!

Here’s how we do it…


A Tailored Migration Process

Our migration process goes beyond a simple ‘lift-and-shift’ approach. We collaborate closely with partners to extract, cleanse, transform and load their data. This ensures accuracy and eliminates redundant records.

Our set up includes installation, branding and onboarding tasks leading up to parallel and live invoice runs. Employing thorough reconciliation processes, we ensure accurate billing and unearth revenue discrepancies. When onboarding one partner, we found over £30,000 in unbilled usage missed by their previous telecom billing system.

“We recently transitioned to Tekton, and the experience was impressively smooth and hassle-free, thanks to the outstanding support from everyone involved. We dealt with a knowledgeable and incredibly approachable team throughout the process of switching and after.”


Getting Used to a New Telecom Billing System

Transitioning to a new telecom billing system involves more than just adapting to a new interface. Even simple changes in billing terminology can be frustrating. Terms like “rejects,” “exceptions,” “suspense,” or “unallocated” may all mean the same thing to many, but they’re not always carried over when you move platforms or billing providers.

Rapidly mastering a new telecom billing system is crucial not only for invoice accuracy but also for maximizing margins and enhancing the end-user experience. We explore some of the challenges billers face during transitions and highlight the training resources that Tekton Billing offers to ensure a seamless migration.


Part 1: Comprehensive 1-to-1 training and The Training Portal

From the outset, Tekton Billing supports its partners, ensuring migrations are performed within 8-12 weeks and providing all necessary guidance. ZOEY’s Training Portal simplifies the transition from different platforms.

All Tekton customers have access to ZOEY’s dedicated Training Portal during the migration process. We also provide comprehensive 1-to-1 training to mitigate concerns about productivity dips during system transitions.

Our migration training sessions include:

  • Demo and ZOEY Capabilities Refresh
  • Admin Portal
  • Monthly Billing Process
  • Customer Portal

These sessions allow partners to practice their usual workflows with dummy data, gaining real-world experience before supporting their own customers.

Moreover, given that resellers may have a wide range of products, services and income streams, we’ve made sure to include an equally wide range of services within the Training Portal. Partners can explore SaaS, stand-alone, bundles and whatever else they need to before best practice procedures are set in stone.


Part 2: The Training Academy

In addition to the initial access to the Training Portal, we offer permanent access to ZOEY’s dedicated Training Academy. The Training Academy serves as both a ‘how-to’ platform and a repository of educational articles.

These resources, combined with ongoing support from the Tekton team, equip resellers with the knowledge and real-world experience needed to perform innovative re-rating initiatives and maximize margins. Indeed, Channel businesses can boost revenues in many ways – new products, better productivity, increasing margins, to name a few, and Tekton Billing helps optimise them all.

For more details, read our guide The Value Add of Telecom Billing: Optimising Margins.


Part 3: The Help Widget

Once you’re up and running, easy access to in-life training resources is crucial. Our in-platform Help Widget provides this access. If a biller is unsure how to proceed, they can open the ‘Help’ section within ZOEY to launch the Training Academy’s in-platform widget, enabling them to find the information they need quickly.


telecom billing system migration help widget zoey


Part 4: The Added Value

One of the primary goals of our training resources is ensuring our partners get “better” at billing. We aim to do more than just help partners replicate their old processes on a new platform. We want them to fully embrace and leverage the new functionality available, optimising their entire billing process. This approach can significantly enhance value, as detailed in our blog on “4 Ways a Telecoms Billing System can Add Value”.

A key area where this added value becomes evident is in making batch changes. Billers transitioning from legacy telecom billing platforms, or those in relatively young channel operations, often struggle with batch changes across their customer bases. This is especially challenging for start-ups using spreadsheets or basic accounting packages to minimize costs.

Implementing broad changes, such as pricing updates for RPI increases or bolt-ons, can be time-consuming and prone to human error, which can derail operations. With ZOEY’s bulk management functionality, making batch changes is easy. Users can simply highlight accounts or lines using tick boxes (including an option to select ‘all’) and set the change. ZOEY then updates each value accordingly, streamlining the process.

Watch the video below to see how you can add multiple services within ZOEY in under 60 seconds!



To ensure users are comfortable with batch changes, our migration Training Portal allows billing administrators to practice these tasks. Additionally, ZOEY’s Training Academy provides step-by-step guidance, ensuring no stages are missed.

And you can rest assure that just because batch changes are available, it doesn’t mean just anyone can do it. ZOEY incorporates a robust accountability process with admin-approval steps at each milestone, ensuring no unauthorized changes affect customer-facing bills before invoices are finalized.

“We have recently migrated our billing platform over to Tekton. The process was so smooth, with every step being driven by Tekton. If you are thinking about moving platforms, do not hesitate, choose Tekton!”



ZOEY is an incredibly intuitive platform – designed by billers for billers – to make everyday channel operations easier.

The support we offer to new partners means they don’t experience the typical productivity dip associated with embracing a new telecom billing system. Employees have the learning resources they need, and decision makers can quickly access reports and educational articles to maximise margins!

Now is the perfect time to evaluate your current platform processes and explore how they can be enhanced.

Book a demo with our team to see how ZOEY, the Training Academy and our unrivalled experience can enhance your channel operation and ultimately, maximise your revenue!

Read our guide on Overcoming Barriers to moving Telecoms Billing Systems to learn more.

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