barriers to moving telecoms billing systems

Overcoming Barriers to moving Telecoms Billing Systems

We understand that moving billing systems can be a daunting task. It doesn’t however need to be a painful or disruptive process.

Resellers often face similar challenges and having performed over 100 billing migrations in the last couple of years, we’ve seen it all before! That’s why we’ve put together this blog to break down the commonly cited barriers to moving telecoms billing systems.


Top 7 Barriers to Moving Telecoms Billing Systems

1. Transferring data

You may be hesitant to move telecoms billing systems due to the complexity of the process or fear of potential data loss. However, by working with a reputable provider, you can simplify this process and ensure your data is migrated safely and securely.

At Tekton Billing, we use advanced data migration tools and invest a lot of time in granular reconciliation. We do not simply lift and shift! Instead, we cleanse your data and clean up any old errors or duplicated charges. By completing a full reconciliation back to each and every one of your carrier files, we ensure you are billing absolutely everything correctly.

We also help to re-build tariff structures and rate cards to ensure you have a better foundation for scaling your business. Finally, we provide multiple parallel runs, broken down right to individual CLIs.

“We have recently migrated our billing platform over to Tekton. The process was so smooth, with every step being driven by Tekton. If you are thinking about moving platforms, do not hesitate, choose Tekton!” We Are Guru


 2. Impact on my customers

Billing systems are at the heart of any telecoms business. Any changes to this system could impact service delivery and the customer experience. However, you can mitigate this risk by engaging with a reputable provider with a proven track record of delivering successful billing migrations.

In fact, moving to a modern and dynamic telecoms billing system could actually benefit your customer experience. Thanks to ZOEY’s many USPs, including extensive reporting, self-service functionality and unbilled information, we find that many customers are actually excited by the prospect of change.

Furthermore, we support our partners at every step of the migration process. We even help them write the introductory emails sent out to their customers, highlighting the key benefits of their new customer portal. We also meticulously check all invoices so customers never receive incorrect bills following the migration.

“Tekton give an excellent bespoke service, with a can do attitude. Nothing is a problem, and they always offer a solution. Queries are dealt with promptly. Highly recommend them.” ScanCom


3. Learning a new system

We understand that quickly getting to grips with a new platform is essential to ensuring invoice accuracy, margin maximisation and the best-possible end-user experience. Training plays a key part in this.

At Tekton Billing, all partners have access to ZOEY’s Training Portal during the migration process. This enables them to practice their usual steps using dummy data to work out new workflows and test-out functionality. Once live, partners have permanent access to ZOEY’s dedicated Training Academy. This is dual-purpose – it works as a standalone ‘how-to’ platform, but also allows users to search for educational articles on specific areas of interest.

The support offered to new partners means they don’t have to worry about the usual ‘lull’ in productivity when embracing new systems. Employees have the learning resources they need and decision makers can quickly access reports and educational articles to maximise margins!


4. Cost of migration

Amongst the commonly cited barriers to moving telecoms billing systems is the perceived cost of migration. The benefits of a modern billing system however may outweigh these costs. With a modern billing system, you can streamline your operations, reduce manual errors and improve accuracy, resulting in cost savings and increased revenue.

By undertaking a cost comparison of billing providers, you may actually reduce your monthly costs. Indeed, at Tekton Billing, ZOEY is offered as an all-inclusive solution with no hidden extras, add-ons or out-of-term penalties.

In addition, you may also uncover missed revenue by updating your billing platform. Our expert migration team found a partner £33k in lost revenue when they migrated to us from a legacy billing platform. This eye-watering amount originated from several recurring charges from their suppliers that had not been reconciled. Tekton Billing’s meticulous supplier reconciliation and intelligent reporting easily identify any missed revenue.


5. Integration to internal systems (CRM / Accounting)

Ensuring your new telecoms billing system integrates with other internal systems is essential to ensure seamless data transfer and eliminate manual data entry.

ZOEY integrates with a variety of systems and platforms, such as CRM, ERP, and accounting systems. All API integration is covered extensively as part of the on-boarding process to ensure maximum automation. All accounting report formats and DD report formats are tested as part of multiple parallel invoice runs.


6. Being in contract

A lengthy remaining term on your existing contract may deter you from moving billing providers. However, you should consider the significant lost opportunities for your business by delaying moving from a legacy system.

Furthermore, because of the huge uplift in pricing our competitors have imposed recently, you may actually find that you can pay less per month whilst running two parallel systems. In certain situations, we may also buy you out of your existing contract so you can benefit from ZOEY earlier. It is therefore definitely worth reaching out to different billing providers to explore your options.

“If you’re in the telecoms business then Tekton is for you.  We moved away from our old supplier and we are glad we did.  Keep up the great work guys.” 4Tel Communications


7. “Better the devil you know”

When it comes to telecoms billing, the statement ‘better the devil you know’ doesn’t always hold true. In fact, we regularly upend our customers’ expectations from their billing platform. Check out our Google Reviews for more evidence of this.

Sticking with the same telecoms billing provider simply because it’s familiar may mean you miss out on better pricing, features, or service quality that other providers may offer. Indeed, the IT and telecoms industry is highly competitive and constantly evolving, with advancements in billing technologies. Newer providers or billing solutions may offer more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective billing processes compared to older or familiar providers. Inactivity can quickly result in you getting left behind.

Finally, it is important to consider compliance with industry regulations. Ofcom’s General Conditions update came into effect on 17th December 2021, setting new rules around giving end-customers more control over bundles and alerts. It is important that your software has been updated to ensure compliance and avoid falling foul of the regulations, which could result in fines, damage to your brand credibility and potential loss of customers.



In conclusion, moving telecoms billing systems can be a daunting task, but it is essential to remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving telecoms industry.

Your telecoms billing requirements are likely to change over time. If your business has grown, expanded, or changed its operations, your billing needs and requirements are also likely to evolve. Staying with the same billing provider without evaluating alternatives may result in suboptimal billing solutions that do not meet your current needs.

Many of the concerns surrounding billing migrations can be addressed by engaging with a reputable billing provider. With the right product, support and guidance, you can overcome any migration challenges and reap the benefits of a modern telecoms billing system. These include improved efficiency, accuracy and customer experience.

At Tekton Billing, with hundreds of migrations completed, we have fine-tuned our migration process to ensure a slick and accurate transition for our partners.

If you would like any further advice or guidance on billing migration best practice, don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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