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Overview of our Billing Services

Which of our telecoms billing services is right for you?

Whether you are looking for self-service billing, more comprehensive bureau billing or a consultancy service, Tekton Billing has the expertise to help.

Self-Service Billing

A self-managed service for partners who want full control over all aspects of their billing. Tekton Billing will offer support to ensure you are confident in your processes but all day-to-day procedures are handled by you.

Bureau Billing

A bureau billing service for partners who like the assurance that there are experts available to assist at all stages. Tekton Billing control the day-to-day maintenance of your system so you can focus on commercial aspects of rating and inputting new customer information. This is our recommended service level.


A consultancy service for partners who would prefer to understand how to effectively optimise their billing margins and maximise future growth. Tekton Billing will review your current billing operations and provide recommendations on how to improve and take your business to the next level.

What’s the difference between Bureau Billing and Self-Billing?

Our Self-Service Billing offers you full control over your telecoms billing with Tekton support for automated import of daily and monthly CDR’s. We also offer daily customer support and advice to fix errors.

Our Bureau Billing is the most comprehensive bureau service in the channel. It provides you with as much control as you wish with the assurance that Tekton Billing are looking after your system and can step in when required. As part of this service, we assist you with the invoice run stages to ensure your invoices are produced in a quick and timely manner.

Our Bureau Service includes the import of daily and monthly CDR’s, with checks for errors, and the maintenance of customer information, tariffs and rate cards. It also includes the generation of monthly invoices and provision of margin analysis reports pre-invoice runs.

For more information, read Bureau Vs. Self-billing: What’s the difference?

telecoms billing services
telecoms billing platform - ensure compliance

Migration Process

The common perception within the IT and Telecoms space is that billing migrations are painful and disruptive. This is a perception that we have actively tried to change! Read our blog post Dispelling the myth that it’s “hard to move billing systems”…

With hundreds of migrations completed, we have continually fine-tuned our processes to ensure a seamless transition for our partners.

We offer a fully-managed, slick and accurate migration process. Our set up includes system installation, branding and on boarding tasks up to your parallel and live invoice runs. We also offer comprehensive training with access to our Training Portal and Training Academy.

A typical migration process takes between 8-12 weeks. Depending on the input from you and the quality of data being inputted, we have achieved migrations in much shorter time frames.

A system migration project with one of our resellers

Case Study

“The team at Tekton have been brilliant with our system migration project.

Knowledgeable, thorough and very helpful and quick to respond. The system itself blows the other systems I’ve used out of the water and makes the billing process quick and easy!”

Head of Operations, Your Comms Group

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Quickly getting to grips with a new platform is essential, not only to ensure invoice accuracy, but to maximise margins and provide the best-possible end-user experience. Training plays a key part in this.

At Tekton Billing, all partners have access to ZOEY’s Training Portal during the migration process. This enables them to practice their usual steps using dummy data to work out new workflows and test-out functionality.

Once live, partners have permanent access to ZOEY’s dedicated Training Academy. This is dual-purpose – it works as a standalone ‘how-to’ platform, but also allows users to search for educational articles on specific areas of interest.

The support offered to new partners means they don’t have to worry about the usual ‘lull’ in productivity when embracing new systems. Employees have the learning resources they need and decision makers can quickly access reports and educational articles to maximise margins!

telecoms billing services
The team at Tekton have been brilliant with our system migration project. Knowledgeable, thorough and very helpful and quick to respond. The system itself blows the other systems I’ve used out of the water and makes the billing process quick and easy. The customer portal functionality is fantastic and allows self-service for customers that not even the big networks offer. They may be fairly new on the scene compared to some of their competitors but this has allowed them to re-think how a billing system should work and man it’s good!

Director of Operations