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Refreshingly different Telecoms Billing Software

ZOEY is a cloud-based, self-serve-focused telecoms billing software that stands out from the crowd.

With its intuitive interface, self-serve capabilities, GDPR compliance, open APIs, and active development, ZOEY offers a comprehensive billing solution that covers all your needs.

More than just a traditional telecom billing system, ZOEY has built-in functionality to drive widespread growth and improvements across all aspects of your business.

Key Features of ZOEY

Self-Service Customer Portal

Empower your customers with a fully branded portal where they can view bills, analyse spend and usage, set alerts, and manage their accounts at no additional cost. Enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen your brand.

Automatic Hourly CDR Processing

Stay up-to-date with live activity on your customer base through ZOEY's automatic hourly call data imports. Improve responsiveness and make data-driven decisions with ease.

Margin Optimisation Suite

Maximise your margins with our revolutionary built-in margin analysis suite. Identify loss-making services, unallocated services and high-margin charges to optimise your profitability.

Supplier API Integrations

Connect seamlessly with carrier networks using ZOEY's supplier API integrations. Empower your end users to perform real-time SIM swaps, call bars, and automated spend caps with leading wholesale mobile providers.

Automatic Alerting

Give your customers peace of mind and avoid bill shock with ZOEY's automatic alerting capabilities. Set spend and usage limits, and provide timely notifications to ensure a positive customer experience.

Bulk Data Management

Efficiently manage your services with ZOEY's modern, wizard-led interface. Perform bulk removals and replacements of services in just a few clicks, reducing billing overheads and eliminating errors.

Contract Management Suite

Save time when calculating ETFs with our contract management suite. ZOEY automatically calculates and displays the remaining contract value, providing a quick resolution for any customers terminating a service.

Business System Integrations

Integrate your critical business systems with ZOEY’s external APIs. Improve efficiency, accuracy and visibility by integrating your systems, eliminating data re-entry and repetitive tasks.

Key Benefits of Using ZOEY

ZOEY is not “just” a telecom billing software; it’s a strategic tool that adds value to your business. It helps drive sales, improves marketing efforts, ensures compliance, enhances customer service and optimises financial performance.


ZOEY provides a fully branded customer portal, hosted on your domain. With self-service functionality, cross-selling opportunities, integrated invoicing and sophisticated rating capabilities, we deliver a seamless end-user experience and real USP. These improve brand perception and customer satisfaction to increase sales.

Capable of billing all your IT and Telecom services, ZOEY supports service providers, wholesalers, dealers, resellers & SME’s.

We are delighted that many of our customers have won business on the strength of our ZOEY telecom billing software alone.

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telecoms billing platform - increase sales
telecoms billing platform - improve your marketing


Offering partners the convergent billing of multiple services and networks, ranging from mobile, landline, VoIP, IoT, connectivity, IT services and SaaS, the ZOEY platform is vital in maximising the opportunity to cross-sell products into your customer base.

From pop-up portal marketing messages to fully customisable HTML email templates and extensive PDF branding including banners, messages, advertorials and full page inserts, ZOEY has every box covered for your marketing team to drive extensive growth across your business.

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Our telecom billing system is designed with security and compliance in mind.

Fully browser-based and available online 24/7, the ZOEY platform is cloud hosted in ISO 27001/2, IL2, Cyber Essentials and GDPR certified data centres. You can therefore rest assured that all your sensitive data is held within the most restricted environments.

ZOEY implements two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security. Users must provide two forms of identification, such as a password and a unique code generated by an authenticator app like Google Authenticator. This robust authentication process helps prevent unauthorized access, protecting against hacking attempts and ensuring compliance with industry regulations and Cyber Essentials certification.

telecoms billing platform - ensure compliance
telecoms billing services

Customer Service

ZOEY allows end-users to set their own usage and spend limits, with automated alerts programmed at specific costs, percentages or time durations. This ensures resellers limit calls to support, while providing more control to end-users.

Not only is this important to maximise customer satisfaction scores, but it also ensures compliance with Ofcom’s most recent General Conditions update. This came into effect on 17th December 2021.


Wizard-led, modern, clean, fast and easy-to-use, ZOEY is a 21st century telecom billing system. Our process-driven management of customer services allow for massive changes in bulk. This covers billable services, cost centres, usernames and contract end-dates, alongside the more typical bulk changes (product, add-ons, ratings, bars etc). What may take hundreds of clicks on other billing platforms, only takes a couple through ZOEY.

In addition, our reporting capabilities are second to none. A full business intelligence reporting and margin analysis suite helps to identify loss-making services, unallocated services, high-margin charges and loss-making usage with complete wizard-led resolution paths.

ZOEY also provides comprehensive month-on-month variance analysis with in-built revenue assurance. It supports manual ad-hoc invoicing with internal comment and PO reference options that seamlessly integrate with leading accounting systems and DD providers.

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telecoms billing platform - improve your financial performance

How much does ZOEY cost?

We keep this very simple – just a monthly fixed fee plus a small percentage of your revenue.

Whilst other billing vendors typically charge for an endless list of extras and add-ons (end-customer portal, additional user licenses, branding, hosting, APIs, CDR loaders, integrations, minimum commitment fees, out-of-term penalties, dealer portal access, etc), we have no hidden extras.

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A billing portal that knocks the leading industry alternatives out of the water, we can easily keep track of our spending and accurately manage our costs.