How automation will improve your telecoms billing

In the dynamic world of telecoms, automation isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a game-changer. At Tekton Billing, we recognise the pivotal role of automation in streamlining operations, boosting efficiency and ensuring accuracy in customer data management.

By taking away the monotonous, repeatable tasks from your team and leaving them to a computer, staff are happier and can spend more time on more important tasks.

Since inception, we’ve invested time and resource into developing industry-leading automation capabilities for our telecoms billing system, ZOEY.

Here’s how automation in ZOEY can transform your telecoms billing:

CDR downloads

With hourly, automatic imports, you’ll never miss a CDR or spend valuable time collecting them manually ever again. Our automatic CDR processing ensures seamless data retrieval and eliminates the risk of human error. Moreover, our built-in alarm system alerts you when an expected CDR doesn’t arrive. This enables prompt investigation and resolution before invoices are sent out.

Auto-alerting and Auto-barring

Empower your customers with personalised alerts through our self-service customer portal and advanced supplier integrations. Our advanced integrations extend to O2, Vodafone, Giacom (formerly DWS), Zest4, Cellhire, Wireless Logic, Jola, Abzorb and Gamma.

ZOEY allows customers to set up automatic alerting, for example when approaching data limits or exceeding roaming charges. These alerts not only ensure regulatory compliance, they also empower end-customers to stay in control of their expenses and avoid bill shock. Best of all, these alerts operate automatically, eliminating the need for manual intervention by your support staff!

Additionally, bars and alert profiles can be automatically applied to any new services by default, based on individual alerting criteria set at a customer level. This ensures nothing gets forgotten and minimises human error.

Discover additional benefits of self-serve functionality.


ZOEY’s automated re-rating process ensures accurate billing in real-time. When CDR data is imported (which is as frequently as presented by the supplier), that usage immediately gets rated with a financial cost to the end-user. However, if any commercials change in the platform after the original import (a last-minute price change for example) then the usage must be “re-rated” to ensure an accurate invoice.

In most other telecoms billing platforms, re-rating has to be manually requested by a user, making it an “on-demand” process. This takes up unnecessary time and can be clumsy; resulting in delayed updates, or worse still, completely forgotten. In turn, this can lead to mis-billing and frustrated customers.

In ZOEY, this reprocessing happens automatically (every hour), behind the scenes. No more manual requests or delayed updates! The result is precise and timely invoicing.

Early termination fees

Occasionally, it is necessary to terminate relationships with customers, whether it is due to unfavourable experiences, pricing concerns or other reasons. It is important to make this process as smooth as possible to avoid burning any potential future bridges.

Using ZOEY’s contract management suite, your billing managers can save a considerable amount of time when calculating early termination fees (ETFs). ZOEY automatically calculates and displays the remaining contract value, facilitating quick resolutions and preventing customer dissatisfaction.

Tariff Structure

ZOEY’s intuitive design and structured system architecture minimises errors and increases productivity. We structure our product catalogue around the concept of a ‘Tariff’, comprising a Fixed Charge, Rate Card and Bundle. This simplifies the process of incorporating new services to an account by simply selecting the appropriate tariff. This contrasts with other telecoms billing systems, where each item must be added individually, a process which can be cumbersome and prone to errors.

With ZOEY, you can add multiple new services to a customer account in under a minute. This reduces manual data entry and minimises errors. Watch our Adding Services in under 60 Seconds video.

API Integration

ZOEY serves as a central hub, seamlessly integrating with critical business systems. With our open APIs, we offer a direct integration into ZOEY, empowering you to connect it with other vital business functions. This integration enhances visibility, reduces repetitive data entry and facilitates better decision-making.

Our commitment to innovation means we are continuously expanding ZOEY’s automation capabilities to save you time and money.


If you’re looking for a new telecoms billing platform that helps you be more accurate, efficient and ultimately, more profitable, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Discover just how much ZOEY can benefit your channel operation!

Book a time to suit your diary and see ZOEY in action!

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