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Tekton Billing is an award-winning, independent provider of cutting-edge cloud-hosted telecoms billing software for the IT and Telecoms industry. Our flagship product, ZOEY, is a fresh, modern, and innovative solution designed to address the shortcomings of traditional telecoms billing platforms.

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Business has evolved...

Has your billing?

ZOEY is a one-of-a-kind billing software that is built on years of industry experience and enables partners to streamline their IT and telecoms billing. It is a cutting-edge solution for a market previously dissatisfied with the quality of incumbent platforms.

ZOEY offers partners unrivalled control and flexibility. You can consolidate billing for multiple suppliers and networks into a single invoice, covering products such as mobile, landline, VoIP/Hosted, IoT, connectivity, IT services and SaaS.

If you can sell it…we can bill it!

Future Proof your Business

As the communications service landscape evolves with the ISDN switch off, introduction of SOGEA, 5G, Teams and other UC services, many traditional billing methods will become obsolete.

Tekton Billing leads the way in billing innovation, whilst remaining true to our values as a family-owned and independent software vendor. We continue to hold user experience at the centre of everything we do.

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Why choose Tekton Billing?

Tekton Billing was born out of the frustrations of a wholesale telecoms team that thought ‘there must be a better way to bill in the 21st Century!’

Our senior management team has over 100 years of billing experience, with backgrounds in the reseller and dealer channels, as well as network-level billing.

With innovation at the forefront, Tekton Billing has successfully challenged the industry’s expectations of billing platforms. We designed ZOEY to disrupt the billing industry and set new benchmarks.

By combining innovative new features, such as self-serve functionality, with exceptional support, we are quickly becoming the ‘billing provider of choice’. It is our mission to help partners improve their billing, enrich their customer experience and maximise their margins.

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Key Benefits of Using ZOEY

A truly dynamic and effective billing solution that focuses on the needs of the end user.

At Tekton Billing, we are forward-thinking and agile. Our dynamic, cloud-hosted ZOEY billing platform challenges the status quo and drives industry-wide improvements in IT and Telecoms billing.

With a focus on self-service, integration, and automation, ZOEY adapts seamlessly to the digital working world, delivering an exceptional end-user experience and setting new standards in the market. It offers telecommunication providers and MSPs something truly different!

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Harry McKeever

Managing Director

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We made the move to Tekton about a year ago and we love the ZOEY platform and the team at Tekton as well…deserved award in a market place that needed some fresh ideas!

Managing Director




Huge shout out to Tekton Billing, for making our customers’ lives that bit clearer. It’s not very often a customer can see live data on their usage and spending for both mobile and landline, in one pane of glass.

Managing Director


Smooth Communications

You and your team have made the transition so easy! Having migrated from another billing platform two years ago, this was plain sailing in comparison! We’re the ones thanking you!

Head of Operations


1823 Group