self service customer portal

Self-Service Customer Portal

Fully branded self-service customer portal, available 24/7 and hosted on your domain, to give your end-customers visibility and control.

Enable users to view bills, analyse spend and usage, set alerts and manage their estate for no added cost.

Increase productivity and improve service levels

While other platforms are still playing catch up, ZOEY has permitted resellers to offer online bill delivery, rich analysis, spend capping, usage and bundle alerting, estate management, and even real-time SIM swaps and call barring through its self-service customer portal, since its inception.

Access to our self-service portal will drastically reduce your support calls. Your end-customers have greater visibility, control and an improved user experience. For your team, the self-service portal frees up their time to work on more complex issues, increasing productivity and improving service levels. 

In fact, not having a customer portal could actually cost you business. Read our blog post ‘Is your lack of customer self-service functionality losing you business?‘ to find out more.

For further information, read The Benefits of Self-Serve Functionality.

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Benefits of our Self-Service Customer Portal

Increased efficiency

Reduce your billing overheads by decreasing the need for large headcounts in your support team. Support calls are significantly reduced as end-users can answer all their quick questions within the platform. With less support calls, your team can focus on more complex issues, delivering better levels of service and reducing ‘time to resolution’.

Improved user experience

The right customer portal can greatly improve your customers’ perception of your business. ZOEY’s fully branded customer portal offers a truly personalised experience – custom URLs, logos, backdrops, colours, chart themes, fonts, and even social media integrations. Proper branding, that matches your own website, not only looks professional but helps build trust with your partners. We host your customer portal on your domain, accessible through your business URL. This is something quite unique to Tekton Billing and it ensures a seamless experience that builds trust and helps your business stand out from the crowd.

Greater control

Customers can check their own usage, set spent limits, create alerts, manage bolt-ons and even perform SIM swaps, putting them in control. It also reduces the chance of ‘bill shock’.

Increased sales

Many of our customers find that ZOEY’s slick user experience and white label branding helps attract new customers. They are impressed by the platform’s end-user functionality and ease of use. Therefore, ZOEY not only boosts your brand credibility but helps drive sales too!


Self-serve functions are no longer a ‘nice to have’, they’re a must! Back in December ’21, Ofcom amended their General Conditions to require resellers to provide end-users with the ability to check their usage, spend and invoices online, protecting businesses of all sizes, even those under 10 employees.

Self-service has been a great addition for our customers, which has helped in building rapport as well as significantly reducing the time my team would spend on tasks that customers can now manage themselves.
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