contract management suite

Contract Management Suite

Save time when calculating early termination fees (EFTs). ZOEY automatically calculates and displays the remaining contract value, meaning a quick resolution for any customers terminating a service.

Easily keep on top of customer retentions

Included free of charge within ZOEY is contract management functionality including complete renewal tracking and a full commissioning module which supports both revenue and profit share models. This means partners can easily keep on top of customer retentions. 

Our in-built suite can also help to lower costs by reducing the number of additional systems required.

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Benefits of our Contract Management Suite

Improved compliance

Ensure contracts are managed and tracked in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Improved visibility

Our suite provides a centralized view of all contracts, making it easier to track and manage them. It also reduces the risk of missed deadlines or other errors.

Increased efficiency

By automating contract management tasks, such as document creation, signature collection, and renewals, our suite helps increase the overall efficiency of your telecoms billing system.

Better negotiation

By providing access to customer and vendor contract information, we help users to negotiate better deals and improve overall financial performance.

Improved customer service

By having an overview of all agreements and expiration dates, you have quick access to customer contract information, helping users to quickly respond to customer enquiries and resolve issues. This helps to improve overall customer satisfaction.


Many of the manual tasks related to contract management can be automated with the help of the suite, which can save a lot of time, effort and resources for the business.

Such a forward thinking company – have been delighted with my choice as Tekton for the future of my billing. Great product, fantastic service!