Telecom Billing FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our award-winning telecoms billing software, ZOEY.

Telecoms billing software automates the billing and revenue management process for IT and telecommunications companies. It enables companies to manage and process customer invoices, track usage, and bill customers for services on a recurring or usage-based basis.

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Wizard-led, modern, clean, fast and easy-to-use, ZOEY is a 21st century telecoms billing platform. GDPR compliant and fully cloud-hosted, it has been built through years of insight to enable partners to streamline the delivery of their IT and Telecoms billing.

ZOEY includes a range of features such as a fully branded end-facing customer portal, real-time usage tracking, automatic alerting, margin optimisation suite and sophisticated reporting capabilities. Our customer portal enables end users to review their bills, perform self-service actions and raise help-desk tickets.

ZOEY integrates with industry-leading carriers (O2, Vodafone, Giacom, Zest4, & Cellhire) allowing end-customers to self-serve an array of functions, from SIM swaps to call barring. It can also integrate with a variety of other systems and platforms, such as CRM, ERP, and accounting systems. This allows seamless data transfer and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

We have designed our telecom billing system with security and compliance in mind. Fully browser-based and available online 24/7, the ZOEY platform is cloud hosted in ISO 27001/2, IL2, Cyber Essentials & GDPR certified data centres. It also fully supports 2FA.

You can therefore rest assured that all your sensitive data is held within the most restricted environments.

We keep this very simple! ZOEY is charged as a monthly fixed fee plus a small percentage of your revenue.

Our pricing includes unlimited users, secure hosting, RPI increases, a fully branded customer portal and carrier network API integrations. Unlike many other vendors, we do not charge for any hidden extras! For more information, read Is it time to change your billing provider?

Not all bureau billing services are the same!

Our Bureau Service is the most comprehensive available in the Channel. Our fully managed service ensures your billing operations are not just efficient, but also tailored to your specific needs. 

This includes collecting and importing CDRs, creating and maintaining tariffs, adding and managing customer services, generating monthly invoices, customer RPI increases and providing expert support and best practice. That’s not all however, read Bureau Billing Explored: A closer look at Tekton Billing’s approach to find out more.

We advise our partners that a typical migration process takes between 8-12 weeks. Depending on the input from you and the general quality of the data being inputted, we have achieved migrations in much shorter time frames.

We have fine-tuned our billing migration process so that it is seamless and fully managed by our experienced billing experts, with full access given to ZOEY’s training portal.

We offer a range of support and training options for our telecoms billing software to ensure invoice accuracy, margin maximisation and the best-possible end-user experience. All partners have access to ZOEY’s Training Portal during the migration process and our Training Academy once live. This support means employees have the learning resources they need and decision makers can quickly access reports and educational articles to maximise margins.

ZOEY has a breadth of functionality that allows you to create both the most basic and complex tariffs. ZOEY enables you to apply custom rates and create specific higher priority rate cards, bundles, minutes, texts and data. You also have complete autonomy to create various types of bundles to fit the needs of your end customer. These bundles may be shared aggregated or dynamic. Whatever the situation, we have a solution to your problem.

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ZOEY is a cloud-based telecoms billing system. This means you can access our telecoms billing software via a web browser on any device that has internet access. There are no specific system requirements, except for having a web browser and internet connection.