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Bulk Data Management

ZOEY’s wizard-led, modern interface enables users to bulk remove and replace services, all in just a few clicks. These efficiencies increase productivity, reduce billing overheads and eliminate human error.

Most billing suppliers still rely on decades-old functionality and many businesses are missing essential features such as bulk account amends. This means they only allow users to manage their data on a one-by-one basis which can be fiddly and time consuming.

Enhanced batch and bulk update functionalities

Thankfully, ZOEY’s process-driven management of customer services allow for massive changes across a user base in bulk, including passing on Base Wide RPI Price Changes. Users can bulk remove and replace services, all in just a few clicks. 

We have enhanced our batch and bulk update functionalities to cover editing billable services, cost centres, usernames and contract end-dates, alongside the more typical bulk changes (product, add-ons, ratings, bars etc).

Pitting ZOEY against the Clock

With ZOEY, you can add multiple new services to a customer account in under a minute. Don’t believe us? Watch our Adding Services in under 60 Seconds video.

No more grappling with manual data entry or navigating through a maze of screens, ZOEY streamlines the process, saving you time and increasing accuracy.


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Benefits of Bulk Data Management

Increased productivity

Managing large amounts of data in bulk can save time and reduce the need for manual processing, increasing the overall efficiency of your team and billing system.

Reduced human error

By automating many functions, you take human error out of the equation, resulting in more accurate bills and better cash flow.

Improved accuracy

Bulk data management helps ensure your data is consistent and accurate, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies.

RPI updates

With our bulk update functionalities, we can update RPI changes for our partners free of charge in a matter of minutes!

Better customer service

Effective bulk data management allows users to quickly respond to customer enquiries and resolve issues, improving overall customer satisfaction.


Billing is so simple. Edits that would take hours, are now instant. And we have a higher level of control that we didn’t have beforehand.