supplier api integration

Supplier API Integrations

SIM Management and provisioning with leading wholesale providers through our Supplier API Integrations.

Enable your end-customers to perform tasks such as SIM swaps, call bars and automated spend caps in real time.

Integrating industry-leading carriers

With Tekton Billing being an independent vendor, ZOEY stands out as the industry’s pioneer of mobile self-service with the widest array of integrations. We have integrations to industry-leading carriers, such as O2, Vodafone, Giacom (formerly DWS), Zest4, CellhireWireless Logic, Jola, Abzorb and Gamma.

Our integration enables end-customers to manage their services themselves, all through our self-service functionality. This includes SIM swaps, call bars and spend caps.

Leveraging our heritage as a service provider billing and provisioning engine, we provide a mature and robust solution. With experience extending to MNOs and aggregators, we continue to expand our set of existing SIM management integrations to include more vendors and a wider array of functions.

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Our Supplier API Integrations

Benefits of our Supplier API Integration

Automatic CDR Loading

Mediation made easy. Our integrations automate the downloading of CDR files directly from networks in near real-time. These files are promptly loaded, rated and published onto our customer portal, providing end-users with up-to-date information on unbilled usage and timely alerts. It also enables your Billing Managers to spread their workload throughout the month, promptly deal with any unallocated usage and prepare bill runs early.

Mobile SIM Management

Empower end-users with self-service SIM management capabilities. They can perform SIM swaps, set call bars and implement spend caps through our Customer Portal. This protects end users from bill shock and resellers from large wholesale charges. The system delivers automated and personalised alerts, based on specific costs, percentages or time durations, ensuring compliance with Ofcom regulations.

Mobile Service Provider Platform

Experience seamless end-to-end integration with provisioning interfaces such as ABS (O2), VSS2 (Vodafone), and Giacom through the ZOEY platform. Effortlessly manage every aspect of service lifecycle, including:

• Establishing connections for new customers, porting in or migrating ports
• Implementing tariff changes and mapping retail tariffs to wholesale tariffs
• Handling disconnections and port outs
• Adding or removing bars
• Managing network services like APNs
• Facilitating SIM or IMEI changes

This streamlined process minimizes touchpoints, reduces time, eliminates inaccuracies and ensures nothing is overlooked – all accomplished within a single interface.


The self-serve functionality has been a massive win. Being able to guarantee bars, caps and alerts are live within hours, rather than days, and giving customers that level of control has been a game changer.