supplier api integration

Supplier API Integration

With our carrier network API integrations, your end-customers can perform SIM swaps, call bars and automated spend caps to many top wholesale mobile providers in real time.

Integrating industry-leading carriers

ZOEY stands out as the industry’s only platform with integration to industry-leading carriers (O2, Vodafone, Giacom, Zest4, Cellhire and Wireless Logic) as standard. This allows end-customers to self-serve an array of functions, from SIM swaps to call barring.

Leveraging our heritage as a service provider billing and provisioning engine, we offer a mature and robust solution. With experience extending to MNOs and aggregators, we continue to expand our set of existing SIM management integrations to include more vendors and a wider array of functions.

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Benefits of our Supplier API Integration


Call files can be pulled/pushed directly from the networks in near real-time. These files are then promptly loaded, rated and published on the customer portal. This allows the system to provide the end-user with up-to-date information on unbilled usage and timely alerts.


The system boasts full end-to-end integration with the provisioning ABS (O2), VSS2 (Vodafone) and Giacom interfaces. This allows clients to process transactions raised through the full lifecycle of a service:
- Connections / Port In / Port Migration
- Tariff Changes (Migrations)
- Disconnections / Port Out
- Add/Remove Bars
- Add/Remove Network Services (APNs, Wireless Office, CLIP etc)
- SIM/IMEI Change


The system is integrated with network-generated high usage reports taking unrated files and processing them to identify and alert on any high or unusual usage in advance of the standard network call file being delivered.

Subscriber Status

Support staff benefit from a direct view into the current subscriber status of a SIM at the network directly from within the system by performing a “Show SNB” / “Show SIM” transaction.

The self-serve functionality has been a massive win. Being able to guarantee bars, caps and alerts are live within hours, rather than days, and giving customers that level of control has been a game changer.

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