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Beyond Limits: ZOEY’s dynamic approach to Billing across Telecoms, Managed Print and more!

ZOEY is a dynamic and multi-faceted billing platform, capable of accommodating the diverse needs of various industries. While Tekton Billing is well known for driving innovation and setting the standard within the telecoms sector, our abilities extend far beyond conventional telecommunication billing.

At the heart of ZOEY is a flexibility and versatility that empowers businesses across a spectrum of sectors to streamline their billing processes efficiently and profitably.

Exploring the fundamentals of Billing

At its core, billing encompasses two primary components: fixed charges and usage charges. ZOEY’s sophisticated infrastructure adeptly manages both:

  • Fixed Charges: From one-of charges, such as installation fees, to recurring charges, such as broadband subscriptions, ZOEY ensures precision and clarity in fixed charge billing.


  • Usage Charges: Also known as variable charges or metred billing, these charges vary based on consumption. ZOEY’s flexible architecture seamlessly accommodates an array of units of measure, including:
    • duration (seconds, minutes or hours)
    • data (megabytes or gigabytes)
    • events (text messages, print copies or even photocopiers).

ZOEY’s capacity to manage both types of charges, as well as a variety of units of measure, means it is well placed to support any type of billing.


Beyond Telecoms Billing: The Limitless Potential of ZOEY

What sets ZOEY apart is its adaptability and agnostic approach to billing. Transcending beyond industry-specific terminology, it adopts a more universal language of billing. This is important for the following reasons:

  • Terminology – Unlike other billing providers that adhere to industry-specific terms like ‘line,’ ZOEY employs more generic terminology, referring to ‘services’. For the telecoms industry, a service could be a home broadband whilst for managed print, it could be a photocopier. This neutrality reduces confusion and ensures a seamless fit across diverse sectors.


  • Notion of ‘events’ – ZOEY employs dedicated units of measure to record events such as text messages and prints. This is an area which is often overlooked by traditional billing providers who, rather than separating events, lump them into usage and give them an arbitrary duration. Unfortunately, this can prove confusing when it comes to reporting. ZOEY in contrast provides full clarity and accuracy in its reporting.


ZOEY in Practice: Telecoms Billing, IT Billing, Managed Print Billing and more!

ZOEY’s reach extends far beyond telecoms, encompassing a breadth of industries and billing scenarios:

Telecoms Billing

Telecoms billing can encompass both fixed line and mobile billing. The latter however is more complex due to the notion of bundling and the nuances of roaming. With its heritage in mobile billing, ZOEY leads the way in mobile billing and covers all aspects such as fixed charges, voice, events and data. In fact, Tekton Billing was awarded the Best Mobile Billing Platform at the Mobile News Awards two years in a row…both this year and last!

ZOEY provides flexibility for complex tariff, rating and bundling, enabling you to refine your commercial strategies and maximise margins. It also offers sophisticated self-service tools for end-customers to manage their accounts, monitor usage, set alerts, add bars and complete SIM swaps. This improves your customer experience and reduces your administrative burden.

IT Billing

ZOEY serves as a robust solution for managing the intricacies of IT billing. From handling the recurring billing cycles of SAAS subscriptions like Office 365 to seamlessly managing domain registrations, ZOEY streamlines the entire invoicing process. Moreover, it simplifies billing for support and maintenance services, ensuring that every hour of technical assistance and each maintenance task is accurately reflected in the invoices sent to clients.

With ZOEY, IT service providers can focus on delivering exceptional service, knowing that their IT billing processes are expertly managed.

Managed Print Billing

Businesses entrusting their print services to ZOEY benefit from its efficiency in billing operations. ZOEY seamlessly integrates with a wide array of print hardware, whether leased or purchased, ensuring accurate managed print billing for both equipment and consumables. Whether it’s tracking ink cartridge usage or managing paper consumption, ZOEY provides transparent insights into print-related expenses.

Furthermore, ZOEY expertly manages billing for maintenance contracts, meticulously covering everything from routine servicing to emergency repairs, thus ensuring uninterrupted print operations and cost-effective maintenance.

Internet of Things (IOT) Billing

ZOEY’s flexibility extends to the burgeoning landscape of IoT, where precise billing processes are crucial. Across industries such as fleet management, agriculture and manufacturing, ZOEY enables accurate billing for a diverse array of IoT devices. From vehicle tracking systems to soil moisture sensors, ZOEY ensures that every unit of data generated is accounted for, optimising operational efficiency and facilitating informed decision-making.

With ZOEY, businesses can confidently navigate the complexities of IoT billing, ensuring profitability and sustainability in their IoT initiatives.


Beyond the specified industries, ZOEY’s versatility shines through in accommodating a wide range of billing scenarios. Whether it’s billing for home security services, energy management solutions, or subscription-based services, ZOEY provides tailored solutions to meet diverse business needs.

From monitoring alarm systems to tracking energy consumption or managing subscription renewals, ZOEY ensures accurate and efficient invoicing. This empowers businesses to focus on delivering value to their customers while driving revenue growth.


Unified Billing for Enhanced Efficiency

For businesses seeking to optimise their billing operations, ZOEY delivers unparalleled efficiency and precision. As a unified billing solution, it consolidates all your diverse services into a single, comprehensive monthly bill.

Whether it is mobile, internet, landline, IT licensing (MS365, endpoint protection, backup, cloud), managed print, support and maintenance or even hardware, we streamline your services into a single invoice. This not only reduces your administrative overhead but enhances the customer experience by providing clarity and ease of payment.

Contact us today to discover how ZOEY can transform your billing processes.


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