flexibility and control in your telecoms billing

The Power of Flexibility and Control in your Telecoms Billing System

Flexibility, scalability and control are the cornerstones of a robust telecoms billing system in today’s dynamic telecommunications environment. Simply offering a range of services isn’t enough; you need a telecoms billing solution that can adapt to your evolving needs and empower your business to thrive. The last thing you want is for your business to be flourishing, only to hit a roadblock because your billing system can’t support your changing needs. You want a telecom billing system that can grow with you.

At Tekton Billing, we’re on a mission to redefine what a billing system can achieve. With our cutting-edge telecoms billing software, ZOEY, we give you the tools to take control of your billing processes and unleash your business’s full potential. Your billing, your rules!


Transform Your Business with Flexibility and Control in your Telecoms Billing System

Here’s how ZOEY sets the standard for flexibility and control in telecoms billing:

Custom pro-rating:

ZOEY empowers you to tailor your pro-rating preferences with ease. This flexibility and control at granular level allows you to make strategic decisions that directly impact your bottom line.

Through our custom pro-rating feature, you decide how and what to pro-rate. Whether you choose to prorate the opening of a new charge or bill all the way to the end of the month even with mid-month closures, the decision is yours!

Flexible rating and bundles options:

Say goodbye to rigid pricing dictated by your suppliers. ZOEY gives you the control and flexibility to decide what to charge your customers based on their contracts. We apply a rate card to every service, ensuring transparency and accuracy. You don’t have to simply mark-up rates with a percentage or offer out the same bundles as you are purchasing from your suppliers. This creates a point of differentiation and competitive advantage rather than simply uplifting the wholesale proposition.

Furthermore, by differentiating between wholesale and retail propositions, you can refine your commercial strategies and maximize margins. ZOEY enables you to purchase data in bulk, restructure propositions, optimise bundles and package items to be sold on a retail basis. This results in classic economies of scale, greater buying power and in turn cost savings, as experienced by one of our partners who achieved a huge £100k monthly saving.

“Best billing platform for the Telecoms industry by far! Our existing platform was far too rigid and didn’t move with the times. Moving to Tekton was a breeze, far greater flexibility which in turn has led to greater profits!” 

Superior fixed charge reconciliation:

Unlike most other telecom billing vendors, we don’t work on the principle of pass-through which means you’re not restricted to automatically passing on all supplier charges or credits to your customer on a like-for-like basis. Whilst pass-through may seem a time-efficient approach, it is restrictive and can result in inaccurate billing. As with percentage uplifts, it also offers resellers little in the way of differentiation in an already busy marketplace.

In contrast, ZOEY gives you the control and flexibility to decide what the customer will be charged. Our inbuilt pre-invoice checks and advanced reconciliation processes make it easy to review wholesale charges, resolve unexpected charges and decide what to add or omit from a bill.

Self-service alerts:

Keep your customers informed and in control with personalised automatic alerts for usage thresholds and spending limits. ZOEY allows customers to set up personalised alerts themselves through our customer portal. Examples of these can include when they approach their monthly data limit or when international roaming charges exceed predefined amounts. These automatic alerts empower customers to stay in control of their expenses and help prevent bill shock. In addition, you can automatically suspend services or send warnings when customers exceed predefined spending limits to avoid unexpected high bills.

Personalised branding and targeted messaging:

ZOEY’s fully branded customer portal delivers a truly personalised experience with custom URLs, logos, backdrops, colours, chart themes, fonts, and even social media integrations. Proper branding, that matches your own website, not only looks professional but helps build trust with your partners. It also helps your business stand out from the crowd and attract new customers. Many of our partners find that ZOEY’s slick user experience, functionality and white label branding help attract new customers.

You can also configure targeted marketing messages that pop up to specific users as they log into the portal. These messages can be used for advertising, RPI notices, holiday opening hours and service status alerts, creating cross-selling opportunities.  Moreover, if you want to customise an html email, update your marketing messages or change an image on an invoice, it’s really easy. Therefore, ZOEY not only boosts your brand credibility but helps drive sales too! Read The Value Add of Telecom Billing: Driving Sales to find out more.


Your telecoms billing software  should be scalable and flexible enough to accommodate your future growth and evolving business needs. This includes being able to handle increasing transaction volumes, support new services and technologies, and easily adapt to regulatory changes. ZOEY is built to grow with your business.

We support businesses from small start-ups right through to national wholesales and “household names” in the channel. Supporting our partners’ success is our number 1 priority which is why we offer an all-inclusive pricing model. We don’t charge for additional users or lock features behind pay walls – promoting a grow-together model. We even help support your growth through acquisition by merging new acquired customer bases and billing systems into your ZOEY system, ensuring the centralised telecom billing system remains tidy and there is no disruption to normal billing.

“With the Tekton team behind us, we now have the time to innovate. If channel businesses need to be innovative and scale, Tekton’s an obvious choice!”

Fit for all users:

With customizable user access levels and unlimited user licenses to our Customer Portal as standard, ZOEY gives you control and accessibility. Whether you’re a finance professional or a member of your customer support team, sales or even an external dealer or channel partner, ZOEY makes it easy to access billing information without compromising sensitive data.

“A refreshingly different experience, ZOEY provides me with so much flexibility and choice – I no longer feel hampered by my billing system!”


Summary – Experience the ZOEY Difference

Join the countless businesses who have already made the switch to ZOEY and transformed their billing experience. Contact us today to find out how ZOEY can empower your business to thrive.

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