Harnessing the cloud in your telecoms billing

How does moving your telecoms billing to the cloud help your business be more efficient? In short:

  • Your data is more secure
  • Invoice runs are more reliable
  • 24/7 accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Infinitely scalable as your customer base grows
  • No wasted CapEx or ongoing maintenance costs
  • Better support from vendor (Tekton can roll up updates automatically, etc)


But if you want to learn more, carry on reading to get all the full explanation.

Secure your data

Unless your office is ISO27001 and IL2 compliant, with 24/7 on-site security, photo ID entry (with airlock/mantrap), fire and flood protected, backed up by a UPS and diesel generator, ZOEY will provide a higher level of security and resilience to keep your data secure. It’s that simple.

And, with two separate datacentres that can scale up at a moment’s notice, we’ve always got the ability to meet the demands of your growing customer base, with redundancies that ensure your services remain available day and night, no matter what.

Limitless, accurate billing

By harnessing the massive computational power of the cloud, you can increase the accuracy and efficiency of your billing with hourly CDR import and processing that ensures your invoices are correct and bill customers’ exact usage, right up to the point of running your invoices.

And all that data can be leveraged by ZOEY’s margin analysis and reporting tools to provide in-depth, granular views by customer, CLI or network, helping you identify customer behaviours to maximise margins and ultimately, increase revenue.

Discover our tips and tricks to maximise your margins!


As your customer base grows, ZOEY grows with it, thanks to its limitless scalability. Meaning no slow-downs when accessing information on larger customers, and uncontested hosting is included as standard with ZOEY too, meaning you’ll never have issues accessing your platform, or experience delays in making changes or processing your CDR data.

The cloud reduces cost

Even if you’ve got the team and tech to run a secure data centre, the ongoing costs will be massive! There’s a lot to consider in regard to architecting infrastructure, security, backup and disaster recovery – not to mention the original CapEx! After all, your billing platform is a big investment which has to be right first time.

And, all that hardware will need regular maintenance, fixes for faulty equipment, software updates (along with any OS/DB/software licensing) too, as well as requiring an upgrade at some point down the line – and the costs of running and cooling the system 24/7 365 days a year!

Ultimately, business-critical systems such as billing are pivotal to your operation and previously required in-depth budgeting, planning and investment. Not anymore.



No one is better placed to craft this environment better than the vendors of the software itself. Resellers just like you can take a massive weight off your mind (and wallet) by working with Tekton and taking advantage of an infinitely scalable, incredibly secure and user-friendly cloud billing platform – ZOEY.

So, why not trust the experts and save money, all while you enjoy a superior service that causes considerably less headaches? Get in touch to find an easier, more cost-efficient and reliable way to bill your customers.


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