Billing in the post-Covid world

You’re probably sick of hearing how the world is changing, or already has, thanks to Covid. But the honest truth is that it has, and the future is less predictable than before.

Though, consumer confidence may finally be starting to increase again! And even though the future may seem unclear, we’ve been looking at what billing will look like in the ‘post-covid’ world (if there ever is one) and here are our thoughts.

Self-serve is key

With time pressures on staff, whether working remotely or in the office, and increased desire for end-users to manage their own lines and services, the more self-serve functionality you can offer your customers, the better!

Features like user-generated SIM swaps, usage limits and alerts and bars, all help to alleviate demand on customer service lines, while creating happier customers that have zero chance of suffering ‘bill-shock’ from going over their allowances.

In turn, that means less customer churn, more recommendations through word of mouth and reviews, and we’ve even seen contracts be won purely on ZOEY’s self-serve functionality, so sales may well be boosted too!

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Bureau could be best

Considering the likelihood of staff getting Covid, or having to self-isolate after a close contact notice, the operational risk of losing personnel is greater than ever. And with so much on your plate already, adopting a bureau service, where the billing provider takes the responsibility for the day-to-day tasks too, may help alleviate those pressures and ensure that your team has the time to deliver great customer service.

Though, ZOEY is a cloud-based billing platform, meaning that even if staff are forced work remotely, all the same functionality and features are just as available from home as they are in the office, again de-risking the business from employee sickness and self-isolation.

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Protect your cashflow

Any channel business will struggle to remain operational if revenue streams dry-up, and with so many businesses closing over the last 18 months, implementing strategies that protect cashflow, such as ‘month+1 in advance billing’ will help to stabilise that income and enable you to better predict future revenue.

Also, reduced usage across traditional communication channels (GSM calls, SMS, etc) and increased OTT app use (Teams, Zoom, etc) has caused data usage to explode! Sophisticated bundling tools, built-in to ZOEY, allow for cost-effective creation of shared bundles. These could be used as offers to engage low-usage customers, keep potential leavers on-side and even attract new customers with attractive bundles.

All told, the future is still slightly blurry – just like the background on your Teams calls – but the right cloud-based billing platform that enables end-users to manage their own lines and better predict income, will help you weather this storm as the future comes into focus.

So, get in touch and see how ZOEY and the Tekton team can help you navigate the unpredictable world of post-covid billing.

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