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Have you seen our new Customer portal?

ZOEY continues to evolve to the
billing needs of Channel operators


With businesses driving to find new efficiencies, self-service is becoming increasingly important to ensure your team are maximising their productivity and delivering the right level of service to your customers.

But self-service isn’t the only feature that will make your customers fall in love with ZOEY. With an intuitive user experience and a robust, GDPR-compliant web-based platform, working with Tekton will make you wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

Self-care functionality

As we touched on before, allowing your customers to manage their own accounts can lighten the load for your teams and enable them to focus on delivering exceptional customer service. But you’re also allowing them 24/7 control and visibility over their services.

ZOEY Self-serve capabilities:

    • Set Spend/usage limits
    • Manage Barring/blocked lists
    • Perform SIM swaps
    • Amend account information
    • Change tariffs
    • Add/Remove Bolt-on services

Take for example the ability to set usage limits and alerts to ensure staff don’t go over their allotted minutes and data allowances. If you’ve ever had to deal with an irate customer after receiving a bill far higher than expected, you know it can be a challenging conversation. Now, you can leave that responsibility to your customers and the process is even easier, with new batch-update functionality that allows them to alter multiple accounts at the same time.


Super-simple user experience

If your customers are becoming increasingly frustrated by a complicated system, they will start looking for a provider that can simplify their experience or take it out of their hands all-together.

When you want to interrogate your bill runs, our broad filtering options means you can quickly narrow down the range of invoices to view – from high spending users to types of usage, bundled or unbundled packages, and more – without having to scroll through endless invoices which could be hundreds of pages long. Plus, our Margin Analysis Suite is easy to use and ensures you’re maximising your income, providing reports that can help you find new methods to bill and increase your revenue even further.

Whether it’s you or your customers accessing ZOEY, the experience is the same, meaning it’s far simpler to address issues or guide your customers through a specific process. What’s more, ZOEY simplifies the user-journey and prevents your customers from having to call customer support to ask a simple ‘How to…’ questions, which helps to optimise your customer service team’s time.


Limitless scalability

We’ve all seen how platforms slow down as customer bases grow and invoices get longer, but thanks to ZOEY being an entirely web-based, we can scale your platform up to whatever size you need to bill on-time and accurately.

Automatic, hourly CDR imports ensure you’re viewing accurate information in real-time and our servers are hosted in N-tier, GDPR compliant, IL2 & ISO27001 certified datacentres, meaning your data – and your customers’ – is well secured and backed-up.

In a nutshell, ZOEY’s intuitive user interface and web-based portal present Channel businesses with an opportunity to save time, increase reputation and reduce customer churn. And as the whole platform is online, your staff and customers can access it from wherever they may be.


So, get in touch today and discover how Tekton and ZOEY can help provide your customers with more control and a more user-friendly experience so that the thought of changing providers never even crosses their minds!