ZOEY: What’s new and improved?

Here at Tekton, we’re always looking to enhance the robust billing capabilities and ease-of-use that have made ZOEY such a popular billing platform in the channel. While businesses are strained and adapting through the pandemic, we’re fully focussed on adding features that benefit our partners and make their lives that little bit easier. Keep on reading to discover what’s new in ZOEY…


New default automatic alerting

The channel is known for its tight margins. Especially now, with every penny being counted and rechecked, we want to make sure that not a single charge goes missing, and that every minute working within ZOEY is productive. That’s why we’ve developed a new ‘Default Alerting’ tool that will help bring issues to light that may have been missed previously.

Currently, ZOEY can create billing alerts for:

Total Spend Alerts
An alert based on the overage monetary value. (Lower Monetary Value Threshold, Upper Monetary Value Threshold, Bar Monetary Value Threshold)

Total Usage Alerts
An alert based on data usage (Lower Percentage Threshold, Upper Percentage Threshold, Bar Threshold)

With our new automatic alerting, ZOEY will double-check overnight every night all your accounts and ensure that any services without spend or usage alerts have them added automatically based on individual alerting criteria you can set at a customer level.

There is also a new ‘bulk-add’ function that will make it far easier for admins to make broad changes to existing accounts or when setting-up a new business customer’s account.

We’ve also added ‘Missing Alerting’ and ‘Customer Alert’ reports to give you a better bird’s-eye view of your customer-base’s alerts to ensure GDPR-enforced alerts are applied and assess staff performance, especially during the onboarding process.


We listen to our partners

In our opinion, partners with 10, 100 or 1000 customers in their base are all equal and we want to ensure that, no matter how large or small, your voice is heard.

Recent changes we’ve made:

Reporting templates have been altered to make ingesting the data easier on the eyes.

Auto-SMS alerts
‘Send SMS’ columns will be set to ‘Y’ (yes) by default, except for Bars for Bundle alerts, as they do not apply.

Alert History
The “Action” column will use a different value so that users can identify when an alert was auto-added, auto-deleted, as well as identify when an alert was Added/Updated/Deleted by a user. This will allow users to identify alerts that were added by the Default Alert Tools as opposed to those added by a user.


We’ve got big plans for ZOEY and always love to hear from users about what we can do to make it even easier and more powerful for resellers to bill their customers effectively.

Whether you’re looking for a new billing portal that makes your life easier, or you’re a current customer with questions about our new alerting functionalities, or thoughts on how we can improve, we’d love to hear from you.

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