5 ways to cross-sell through your telecoms billing platform

5 ways to cross-sell through your Telecoms Billing platform

A telecoms billing platform is a critical tool for any telecommunications business. It helps ensure accurate billing, customer satisfaction, revenue management, compliance, and cost savings.

An area which is often overlooked however is using your billing system to increase sales. With the right capabilities, a billing system can be an incredibly powerful multi-channel marketing platform for up-selling and cross-selling.

Are you getting the most from your billing system’s ability to market to existing customers?

Why does cross-selling matter?

Your current customer base is a gold mine of unrealised opportunity. By upselling and cross-selling, you have the opportunity to provide more value to your customers and increase your monthly recurring revenue.

The advantages of this include:

  • Increased sales revenue
  • Reduced customer acquisition costs by selling to your existing customer base
  • Added value to existing customers,
  • Increased customer lifetime value through deeper integration in your business


How to cross-sell through your telecoms billing platform

Here are 5 ways you can leverage Tekton Billing’s award-winning ZOEY platform to include marketing materials alongside your billing.

1. Invoice Ready Emailsample branded invoice in ZOEY

Every customer receives an email to notify them when their bill is ready to download (or attached as desired).  You can take advantage of ZOEY’s full HTML templates for these email bodies by including monthly changing marketing messages including rich text, hyperlinks, images, and more.

2. Invoice PDF Front Sheet

The invoice front sheet is unmissable by customers. You can use this as an opportunity to present up to 2 marketing graphics alongside key invoicing information.

3. Invoice PDF Insert

Want to convey more content than will fit on the invoice front sheet? You can include a whole page insert along with your Invoice document on page 2. Being a PDF, this insert can be styled any way you wish – which is great for brochures, flyers, full-page ads, etc.

4️. Self-Service Portal Popups

The benefits of ZOEY’s Customer Portal are extensive! One feature allows you to present pop-up messages to customers at the point of login. You can use this for advertising, RPI notices, holiday opening hours and service status alerts – anything you like! What’s more, individual messages can be targeted for display to specific customer demographics.

5️. Usage/Spend Alerts

ZOEY’s Customer Portal allows your partners to set their own usage, spend and bundle alerts. Alerts are delivered to customers via email and SMS. Why not include details on how to purchase upgrades and bolt-ons within these alert messages – great for customers who are regularly exceeding allowances.

*BONUS!* – External Links

The ZOEY Customer Portal can include links to external web resources too. For instance; all your corporate social media pages can be nested into the header bar as icon links. You can also choose to include a customer-personalisable hyperlink in our Self-Service menu which can be used to direct users to e-commerce sites, online order forms, and other external resources.


Want to see what these examples could look like in your branding – get in touch, we’ll be happy to set up some examples.

This blog post focuses on how you can cross-sell through your telecoms billing platform. For more information on increasing sales through your telecoms billing system, read The Value Add of Billing: Driving Sales.