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Bureau Vs. Self-billing: What’s the difference?

Currently, businesses are trying to find ways to work leaner and smarter. Digital enablement and optimisation are quickly becoming key focuses as operations find new ways to adapt to the ever changing economic landscape.

One way we can help businesses increase their efficiency is through our bureau billing service. This takes all the strains and complications out of performing your own bill runs. However, some companies would rather have full control over their invoice runs, and that’s fine too. ZOEY is a more than capable platform for self-billers also.

So what are the ‘pros and cons’ and which is most appropriate for your business? Carry on reading to find out.

Self-Managed Billing

Our self-managed billing service is generally taken by partners who want to have full visibility and take complete ownership of their billing process. These could be large resellers who leverage the batch and automation features to minimise the need for human input. Equally it could be smaller resellers who need granular visibility into their margins to ensure the best outcomes. Either way, we provide our self-managed customers with all the initial training and ongoing support to complete the tasks within the monthly bill-run process.

Bureau Billing

By contrast, our bureau billing service is generally used by partners who have some billing experience but would like the assurance and comfort that we are there to assist at all stages if and when it is required. When it comes to billing, small details could mean the difference between a successful invoice run and an amazing one. Our Channel and billing experience means we can advise on how best you can maximise your revenue. We control the day-to-day maintenance of the system, so you can focus on the commercial sides of rating and inputting new customer information.

We tend to recommend our bureau billing service for inexperienced billers and those new to the Channel. It’s far more hands-off and we ensure that invoices are produced promptly.

Having said that, we have a real mixture of partners on both sides. It really comes down to how your business works and how much of the billing responsibility you want to take on yourself. Have a look at our Billing Services page to discover your options.

For more information on what makes Tekton Billing’s bureau service so different, read Bureau Billing Explored: A closer look at Tekton Billing’s Approach.


What’s included in a Self-Managed Service?

  • Automated collection and import of daily and monthly CDR’s (where available)
  • Day-to-day customer support and advice to fix errors


What’s included in a Bureau Billed Service?

  • Automated collection and import of daily and monthly CDR’s (where available)
  • Dedicated checks for erroneous CDR records
  • Flag all missing services from the CDR’s
  • Maintain all customer information
  • Create & maintain tariffs, rate cards, bundles, bolt-ons, + fixed charges
  • Generate monthly invoices and flag any issues
  • Provide a margin analysis report pre-invoice run for sign off
  • Resolve any invoice-run issues
  • Process and make visible all monthly invoices on the portal
  • Send out invoice-ready emails to all customers
  • Email over Direct Debit & accountancy files for you to upload to your respective systems



All said, managing an invoice run of any size comes with considerable responsibility and, depending on its size, a significant amount of resources and time too. Right now, your business needs to find ways to maximise the productivity of your staff, rather than over-burdening them with CDR’s, invoice deadlines and maintaining customer records. So, leave that burden on us!

We can save your operation time, so you can make the most of the team you have and drive phenomenal customer service. Get in touch to discover what our Bureau billing service could mean for your business today!


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