ZOEY: Helping Channel Resellers Resist the Pandemic Recession

Back in August, the UK announced it had slid back into a recession. Obviously, the largest contributing factor to this was the global pandemic and resulting economic impact. Thankfully, outlooks were starting to improve as Autumn arrived and the IT & Telecoms Channel remained strong throughout 2020, seeing a surge in demand as businesses sought to overcome the challenges of home working.

With the unknowns that 2021 will bring, Channel businesses need to now ensure their existing income is as robust as possible, sales continue to drive new revenue, and that their employee’s time is optimised to ensure future growth. That’s where ZOEY can help.

Our Billing Platform – ZOEY – provides resellers with the tools they to maximise margins, prevent loss-making usage affecting bottom lines and help staff get more done. Plus, ZOEY is a cloud-based system, which means it’s accessible from anywhere and can be instantly scaled to meet the demand of even the largest billing runs, whether 1,000 or 100,000 invoices.


Maximising Margins

ZOEY’s Margin Analysis Suite is pivotal for resellers that need to realise the potential of their services and ensure strong ROI. By replicating the day-to-day running of your business, you have access to granular insights on margins; whether by customers, CLI or network.

Also, ZOEY comes complete with comprehensive dashboards that allow you to easily review usage data, sales, costs and connections to name a few. Access to all this data means you can maximise your margins and easily find the insights that help you understand your customer base and where to focus your attention.

Tekton can help even further, especially with smaller resellers, with its Bureau Billing Service, which offer businesses Tekton’s years of experience and support for their own operation. From dedicated checks for erroneous CDR data to monthly margin reports, managing customer information and invoice maintenance to flagging issues or missing services, Tekton can support your bottom line and resolve loss-making usage, before it becomes a problem.


Optimising your Team’s Time

With existing resources under such heavy demand and any additional expenses heavily scrutinised, optimising the productivity of your team enables you to stay as agile and flexible as possible.

ZOEY can help save your team’s time in many ways; from self-serve functionality to editing account details en masse, ZOEY makes your team’s time stretch further.

By offering the ability to perform SIM swaps, manage bolt-ons, bars and usage alerts, not only are giving your customers more control over their own accounts but you reduce the need for them to contact your customer service team. Plus, with customisable usage and spend alerts, you prevent many of those unexpected ‘bill-shock’ conversations that may lead to lower customer service scores and even a lost customer.

From an Account Management viewpoint, there’s nothing more infuriating than having to change the same field on account after account. Thankfully, now you don’t have to. ZOEY enables you to perform batch updates on as many accounts as need be, meaning what may take hundreds of clicks on your current platform, may only take a couple through ZOEY.


Driving New Sales

In a recession, finding new customers is a vital focus and while ZOEY can’t put new customers on your doorstep, it can certainly help keep your sales team engaged and motivated.

ZOEY’s new Commission Module gives you the ability to quickly and easily include and customise sales commissions, whether by percent or value. This not only enables team leaders to efficiently manage staff commissions, but also provides sales agents with real-time visibility to track their progress every month and stay motivated, which is ideal for operations now forced to work remotely.

What’s more, the ability to streamline finances and include multiple services from multiple providers in various product categories – IoT, mobile, connectivity, managed services, etc. can be a massive factor in resellers winning new business. We can even help demo ZOEY to your end-user businesses and give them a taste of how much easier life can be working with a billing platform designed for today’s usage, behaviours and constraints.

If that sounds good to you, book a time to speak to the Tekton team and learn more about how ZOEY can drive new sales, stabilise your revenue and maximise your team’s time.


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