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How the WLR and PSTN switch off increases your billing options

The countdown to a ground-breaking transformation in the telecommunications landscape has begun. The much-discussed PSTN switch-off is no longer a distant concept; it’s becoming a tangible reality. In the midst of this monumental change, businesses are presented with an array of opportunities that extend far beyond traditional phone lines and outdated WLR3 software.

As the deadline for the imminent ‘stop sell’ of PSTN approaches, it’s time to explore how this switch-off is set to revolutionize your billing options and propel your business forward into the digital era.

The Arrival of a New Era

The waves of anticipation surrounding the PSTN switch-off have rippled through the media for years, and now, the long-awaited deadlines are finally at our doorstep. In a matter of weeks, the ‘stop sell’ of PSTN will come into effect, signalling the end of an era and ushering in a new one. But what does this transition mean for you?

It signifies bidding farewell to the limitations of WLR-based services and the outdated WLR3 software that may have held your business back. The time has come for businesses to reassess their infrastructure, embracing the boundless opportunities that a fully fibre-optic future promises.

Key dates for Openreach’s WLR and PSTN switch-off

As the industry evolves, key dates mark the phases of change orchestrated by Openreach’s WLR and PSTN switch-off:

  • From 5th September 2023 – No new WLR line orders will be accepted: The UK will cease to sell traditional phone lines and FTTC broadband services. While existing WLR-based services will continue to operate until the final switch-off, this marks the turning point toward a more advanced future.
  • December 2025 – Openreach’s WLR and PSTN switch-off: By this date, all PSTN analogue lines, ISDN lines, and ADSL and FTTC broadband services must migrate off WLR, ensuring seamless continuity and preventing any potential service disruptions.


The shift towards fibre-based infrastructure and advanced IP technology brings with it a host of benefits. This change is not just about meeting industry standards; it’s about unlocking your business’s potential.

Faster speeds, superior call quality, flexible services, and even cost savings are just the tip of the iceberg. These advantages will not only catalyse business growth but will also elevate overall productivity. For more information, read our Ultimate Guide to Billing and the 2025 Switch Off.

The Impact on your Billing

Historically, the shackles of WLR3 software may have limited your billing choices. However, from this September, the need for WLR3 software diminishes as new WLR services cannot be purchased. While supporting existing PSTN customers until December 2025 remains vital, this milestone is just around the corner.

Now is the perfect time to assess your infrastructure and your software to ensure you’re prepared. With the ties to WLR3 software finally removed, you can embark on due diligence and reap the rewards of a modern and dynamic Cloud telecoms billing system.

Why choose Tekton Billing?

  • Service and Network Agnostic: Bill any service and consolidate them seamlessly into a single invoice.
  • Enhanced Self-Serve Capabilities: Elevate your user experience while adhering to Ofcom regulations.
  • Branded Customer Portal: Stand out from competitors with a fully branded customer portal accessible 24/7 on your company URL.
  • Heightened Visibility and Accuracy: Experience precision in billing through hourly CDR auto-imports with all data held in an ISO 27001-secure data centre.
  • Margin Optimization: Empower data-driven decision-making with monthly variance analysis and margin reporting tools.
  • Boosted Productivity: Streamline operations with powerful bulk amend functions, reducing errors and boosting efficiency.
  • Effortless Invoice Runs: Perform rapid invoice runs in a matter of minutes, not days, with automated record rejection and resolution paths.
  • Unmatched Support: Our team is here to provide both human and digital support whenever you need it.

“Tekton’s billing platform has changed our business. It has helped us increase revenues by improving the visibility of profit margins. The portal is easy to use and has may features. The migration was seamless and quick. Would highly recommend Tekton Billing.”

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As the world of business continues to evolve, so must your billing strategies. The WLR and PSTN switch-off is not merely a technological shift; it’s a chance to redefine your approach, explore new avenues, and thrive in a digital landscape.

Business has evolved…has your billing?


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