Is it time to change billing provider

Signs it’s time to change your Telecoms Billing provider

At Tekton Billing, we understand the frustrations faced by IT and telecoms businesses with their existing billing providers. From software functionality issues to incorrect invoicing and poor customer service, these challenges can hinder growth and profitability.

A reliable telecoms billing provider can revolutionize your business, enhancing the customer experience, maximizing revenue, and setting you apart from the competition. If you’re experiencing any of these pain points, it’s time to consider switching to a new billing system.

Signs it’s time to change telecoms billing provider

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Inaccurate and missed invoicing leading to loss of revenue and unhappy customers
  • Errors due to manual data entry
  • Poor visibility – inability to check usage, spend and set alerts
  • Slow support response times
  • Excessive charging, costly add-ons and imposed price increases

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to review your billing provider options. Billing Managers don’t need to suffer in silence or accept the status quo. Moreover, billing migrations don’t need to be painful or disruptive, despite common misconceptions.

Tekton Billing: Your solution for improved billing and customer experience

At Tekton Billing, our innovative and award-winning billing platform, ZOEY, helps customers improve their billing, customer experience and margin.

We’ve performed over 100 reseller migrations in the last couple of years. Each one has ensured revenue was either the same, or higher, than our customers’ previous billing systems. Read our recent blog Dispelling the myth that it’s “hard to move billing systems” to find out how we ensure a seamless migration.

“We’ve been using Tekton for circa 18 months now, onboarding was seamless and they have delivered exactly what they promised.”

Say No to Hidden Charges

Software limitations aside, we’re shocked by how many billing vendors lock product features behind pay walls, monetise add–on’s, and charge for additional user licences. This is a major impediment to reseller growth.

In contrast, at Tekton Billing, we pride ourselves on no hidden extras. Our Bureau Service is the most comprehensive in the channel. Our in-house experts manage your day-to-day billing operations, freeing up your billing manager’s valuable time to work on strategic projects such as bundle optimisation and margin increases.

We do the following all for free:

  • Secure and robust, dedicated hosting – ZOEY is a cloud platform by design. Fully browser based, and hosted on uncontested infrastructure for optimal performance.
  • Unlimited user licenses – we offer secure, role-based access for support, account management and any other internal users at no extra cost.
  • RPI increases – our bulk update functionalities allow us to make RPI changes for our partners free of charge in a matter of minutes!
  • Concierge Bureau – we don’t just look after your system health and procedures, but act as a true extension to your billing team by covering data input such as adding new connections, building new tariffs, configuring pricing rules, service transfers, etc.
  • Carrier network API integrations – we enable end-customers to perform SIM swaps, call bars and automated spend caps with real-time integration to many top wholesale mobile providers, as standard.
  • Self-Service portal – we allow end-customers to view bills, analyse spend and usage, set alerts and manage their estate for no added cost.
  • Full branding – strengthen your brand awareness and credibility with a fully branded customer portal, including custom domain URL, colour themes, logos, background images, fonts, social channels and more.

You-Grow We-Grow

Supporting our partners’ success is our number 1 priority. ZOEY is offered as an all-inclusive solution with no hidden extras nor out-of-term penalties. Subscriptions are based fairly on a modest percentage of the partners’ revenue – promoting a grow-together model.

Don’t settle for less…business has evolved, has your billing?

Business has evolved, and it’s time for your billing system to keep up. Choose Tekton Billing as your trusted telecoms billing provider, empowering your business to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Contact us today to book in your free demo and experience the difference Tekton Billing can make for your telecoms billing needs.