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User Experience Case Study

The Client

Scancom is a leader in Business Airtime & BT networks in the UK.

Scancom has a long tradition of leadership and innovation in the Airtime arena. Established in 1993, Scancom has continually pushed the boundaries of delivery to become a leading Business 2 Business Airtime provider in the UK.

The Challenge

Chen Kotecha (Scancom’s Managing Director) found that, while his incumbent billing platform was performing as intended, it wasn’t giving him the experience he wanted. He was also being charged for additional user licences.

“Over time, the value we found from the platform was dropping and I was spending more time, per bill run, managing costs.” Chen Kotecha

Then, an email from Tekton caught Chen’s eye, letting him know about ZOEY and all of the features Tekton had built into its billing platform. From the first demo, Chen was pleasantly surprised.

“The knowledge and quality of Tekton’s team were evident from the first call. They’re all warm and approachable while always remaining professional in their conduct.”

Not only was he impressed by the team, but more importantly, by the broad feature set and flexibility built into ZOEY. Though the deciding factor was Tekton’s far simpler pricing structure, and zero pressure to sign right away.

There was no ‘hard sell’ and even though we’d be spending more with Tekton, there was far more value in both the platform and having Tekton as a partner.

Chen Kotecha


The Deployment

The reason for Scancom’s cost increase was the choice to benefit from Tekton’s comprehensive “Bureau Billing” service. A savvy decision on Chen’s part; handing the day- to-day billing responsibilities to Tekton would free up valuable time for Chen and his team to spend on closing more sales and refining other internal operations!

Through the migration period, Tekton worked directly with Scancom’s vendors to develop custom APIs to import usage data from their complex IoT solutions into ZOEY automatically.

When it came to migrating Scancom’s wholesale products – a task that Chen estimated would take weeks based on his previous experience with the incumbent provider – the entire task was completed in just two days!

Finally, Tekton ran side-by-side comparisons of the incumbent and ZOEY to ensure revenues across both platforms were identical, before pulling the trigger on their first full ZOEY billing in March – just 7 weeks after their first get-to-know-you conversation.

We were still apprehensive about making such a significant step in our journey, but one call with Danny proved we were making the right decision. Every scenario we gave, he had an answer for, and nothing was a ‘no’!

Chen Kotecha


The Results

Chen estimates that he now saves at least an hour every day, having trusted Tekton with his billing. Provisioning workflows for new lines are also far simpler, with an online form that is automatically sent to Tekton for import into ZOEY.

“We can sell with confidence now. I know that our rates are profitable and accurate, and the constant pain point of monitoring has vanished. I just check metrics through the real-time dashboards.”

Chen isn’t the only one pleased with the change, considering his accountant advised that Scancom had ‘stumbled on gold’, referring to ZOEY’s usability and reporting functions.

Looking to end-users, Chen’s been bowled over by the positive feedback given about ZOEY’s customer self-service portal. Having a mobile-focused operation, SIM swaps are a significant time pressure on customer support lines. Now, end-users can transfer mobile services onto new SIMs and set their own usage and spend limits, directly from the fully branded online portal.

Both his team and customers obviously love the functionality within ZOEY, but to Chen, that’s not the only reason Scancom finds genuine value in working with Tekton.

“With the Tekton team behind us, we now have the time to innovate. But that’s only because we wholeheartedly trust them as an extension of our team… If channel businesses need to be innovative and scale, Tekton’s an obvious choice!”


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