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Migration Case Study

The Client

Founded in 2009, Your Comms Group (YCG) has been a major telecoms provider in the UK for over 10 years.

The business supports over 800 UK companies and manages over 15,000 corporate mobiles and over 2,500 fixed lines endpoints, supporting businesses of all sizes – from local plumbers to the UK’s largest Union.

The Challenge

Previously, YCG had to manage two disparate billing platforms. One for landline and broadband products, and another for mobile and IoT services. Obviously, this was not ideal, with customers receiving multiple monthly bills from the same supplier. There were issues in terms of compatibility of services and introducing support for new providers.

YCG’s Sales Director also heard feedback from key customers that they wanted self-serve functionality to remove the need to call YCG’s customer services to perform basic-yet-business-critical tasks such as SIM swaps.

Adam Gray, YCG’s Head of Operations, was looking for alternatives, and through a mutual connection, discovered Tekton Billing and how the transition to ZOEY would benefit the operation. When he received the proposal for ZOEY’s deployment, the decision was far easier to make.

Compared to the renewal quote from our existing platform, ZOEY was far more commercially viable, even without the added features, support and service from Tekton.

The Deployment

Considering YCG had over a decades’ worth of landlines (4,500+), a significant amount of service data had become muddled and ‘dirty’ over the years. Tekton assisted in ‘cleansing’ the data to ensure the migration was as smooth as possible and subsequent billing was improved.

“We found missing lines that hadn’t been billed for ages, disconnected lines that we were still paying for. They even worked directly with TelcoSwitch to ensure new lines were added accurately and rate cards were added quickly.” Adam Gray

Tekton were extremely thorough and diligent in their work, ensuring as part of the trial run in July all the necessary API integrations (DWS, Zest4 & Cellhire) were working seamlessly in advance of the first live invoice run for customers.

Tekton also deployed multiple branded customer portals, not only for YCG directly but for its resellers too. This meant implementing a reseller dedicated sub-platform with access to sensitive customer and commission data securely partitioned for each reseller.

Billing is so simple. Edits that would take hours, are now instant. And we have a higher level of control that we didn’t have before hand. For example, we couldn’t backdate a tariff without having to contact our previous supplier. Now it’s done in seconds.

The Results

Now, YCG is finding it far easier to view and control its own services and the sales team is winning new contracts on the power of their fully branded billing portal, alone.

Bills are now distributed earlier in the month, meaning an extra week of billable usage and YCG is now able to send all bills as one. These improvements, combined with the self-serve functionality have reduced customer service calls dramatically, enabling longer, more positive interactions with customers that still require support.

“Self-service has been a great addition for our customers. I have received a lot of positive feedback on this, which has helped in building rapport with our customers as well as significantly reduce the time customer service team would spend on tasks that customers can now manage on their own.” Joanna Rutkowska, Customer Service Manager

One major IoT customer of YCG was infamous for scrutinising their billing in detail, but since the migration to Tekton, the team has not had a single query on their usage or spend.

“The self-serve functionality has been a massive win. Being able to guarantee bars, caps and alerts are live within hours, rather than days, and giving customers that level of control has been a game changer.

But it’s not just ZOEY, it’s the team around it too. James and Danny made it simple, even for me. Everyone is extremely helpful and there’s never been a bad word about anyone across the team. ZOEY and the Tekton team all work flawlessly.” Adam Gray


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