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Unleashing the Power of ZOEY: More than “just” a Telecoms Billing system

ZOEY, our ground-breaking telecoms billing system, goes above and beyond traditional solutions. Since inception, we have been setting the standard within the billing space for IT and Telecoms providers.

With a track record of setting industry standards, ZOEY empowers IT and Telecoms providers to increase sales, reduce costs, optimise margins and elevate customer service.

We are constantly innovating to add new features and extra value to our partners. Discover the remarkable features and unique selling points that make ZOEY a game-changer for your business.


How many of these ZOEY USPs do you know about?

  • Send targeted messages to customers via the customer portal

Use Admin Messages to present personalized adverts, RPI notices, and seasonal opening hours to customers through the customer portal. Craft visually appealing HTML messages and selectively display them to specific customers for maximum impact.

  • ZOEY comes with a built-in ticketing system

Use the Helpdesk to manage your support desk or simply just for billing enquires. Empower your customers to log tickets whilst within the billing portal, whilst enabling your team to handle and prioritize enquiries seamlessly.

  • Set up default alert profiles

Save time with default alert profiles. Rather than setting up usage alerts each and every time new Services are added to a customer, you can configure a default alert profile that automatically gets inherited as and when new Services connect.

  • Copy function

Save time and hassle when creating bespoke propositions by using the copy function. This allows you to copy an existing Tariff, Rate sheet, etc as a starting point, and then simply tweak the elements you need to change.

  • Disable function

Keep your system tidy and organised by disabling any legacy tariffs, rate cards and fixed charges. Disabling doesn’t delete the items, so you will still have a full record of them. It does however mean that they won’t display in any new selections, keeping dropdown menus neater and easier to use.

  • Use the analyse button to show Wholesale charges

The analyse button will show all Wholesale (imported) charge line items alongside any Retail (billable) charge line items. This makes it very easy to spot discrepancies and avoid missed revenues.

  • Add custom fields 

If you need to store additional bits of information against a Service (such as Serial number, IMEI, etc), you can add up to 3 custom fields in ZOEY. These can also be exposed to the customer if desired, so they can manage this information via the Self-Service functions.

  • Set up different levels of user access

Need non-finance members of staff to access customer billing information, but not sensitive business data? Tekton provides unlimited internal user licenses to the Customer Portal, with optional “Account Manager” access to restrict the number of customers visible to specific members of your team.


Embrace the evolutionary power of ZOEY which surpasses the conventional telecoms billing system. With its unmatched features and unrivalled value, ZOEY revolutionises the way IT and Telecoms providers operate. Unlock your business’s true potential and propel yourself into the future of telecoms billing technology.

Contact us today to explore these remarkable features or if you need help leveraging them effectively.


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