Dealing with spend capping and bill limits

No matter the industry, establishing budget limits is an essential process to setting the expectations and performance of a business, as well as protecting its future success from overspend. Billing, specifically establishing usage or spend caps, is currently going through an evolution as it develops with the networks that are offering faster and more intuitive services.

Increase in Data Consumption

As data usage increases at an incredible rate it becomes very easy for companies to lose track of their usage. This is especially true for geo-flexible companies that rely on using mobile data for connectivity, as well as multi-site and international businesses. Having access to cloud connected services, as well as the internet in general, is becoming essential due to the increasing number of businesses that provide sales or support services through websites and web-based platforms sees no signs of slowing.

Complying with Regulation Changes

OFCOM released regulation changes in October 2018 that requires providers to give clients who sign new contracts, the ability to set usage or spending limits. Tekton has that capability built into Zoey, as well as many others as part of its alerting capabilities. We have developed this feature even further to allow clients that are already in contract to have those same controls, even though Tekton is not obliged to, thus giving customers as much direction over their own services as possible.

This offers end-users much easier controls to limit usage, rather than trying to estimate what has been used and waiting for the bill that could cause ‘bill shock’ as well as the customer frustration that goes with it. Another way to mitigate bill shock is by providing updates for customers; most commonly sending an alert when a client reaches 80% of the allowance, so they can manage the rest of their month’s usage.

Zoey gives control back to clients; they can set their own limits and alter them at the slide of a button. Not only does this increase customer satisfaction but alleviates pressure put on suppliers from clients by reducing call-volume to customer support, making more time available to staff to provide exceptional service.

We believe this interface is truly unique and demonstrates how our attentiveness to ever-changing regulation provides us with a distinct advantage, considering how quickly we can respond to changes in the industry.


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