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Why slow bill runs should be a thing of the past

Traditional billing systems can seriously affect the day-to-day running of network suppliers and resellers by using on-site computers to perform invoice runs that may take hours, over-night or even through weekends depending on volume. System overload can also accentuate this risk. If a run is left over the weekend and a system issue occurs, that won’t start to be resolved until the following Monday. This can result in delays, wasted man hours and even loss of revenue or custom. Channel suppliers are also finding, through client feedback, that end-users want all their bills in one place rather than managing several billing systems for different services.

How Cloud Computing can help

The emergence of cloud computing and rising availability of high-speed internet bandwidth, combined with the transition of telephony services to VoIP is starting to centralise services to an internet-based infrastructure. Billing should be evolving with this trend to offer features that match those that businesses have come to expect in day-to-day operation. Tekton’s Zoey billing system is exactly that. A cloud-based billing platform that takes the hassle out of invoicing.

Cloud-based services are easy to scale; meaning if your run is unexpectedly larger than usual, for example around Christmas, the platform can increase its processing load to ensure there’s enough raw power to rate the CDR data. Thanks to Zoey’s open N-tier architecture, hourly updates provide both end-users and suppliers the advantages of real-time analytics and custom alerts, to ensure they are on top of their rates and prevent under-charging for services.

Integration and Access

No matter how you have set up your company or what partners your clients use; for example, Sage, Xero etc. Zoey can integrate those services and reduce fragmentation to reduce time switching between multiple billing systems.

Multiple people can use the system at the same time too. Gone are the days of setting a system to run and leaving the computer to churn through the data and no one else being able to gain access to the system until the task is completed. Security is less of a concern as well, Zoey reduces need for costly-yet-slow local computers that can become expensive to maintain and hard to protect from hackers or other forms of data loss like fire or flood. We achieved this by using Industry-recognised ISO27001 Standards for our data storage, so businesses and resellers have peace of mind that their data is safe and secure.

As businesses start to utilise cloud-based billing platforms, slow bill runs will soon become antiquated but with Zoey, and the host of built-in features, we have proven that slow bill runs should be a thing of the past.

If you think your billing could be improved, why not get in touch with Tekton Billing!