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A podcast created specifically for the IT and telecoms industry.

Listen to Tekton Billing’s TEKT-Talks to gain industry insight and learn more about our product, service and the people behind our brand!

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Created for the telecoms channel, our TEKT-Talks provide valuable industry insight and offer a great opportunity to learn more about Tekton Billing. We hope you enjoy it and as always, please share your feedback and suggestions for future topics.  

Play Video about TEKT-Talks-Episode -1- What-do-partners-love-about-ZOEY


What do partners love about ZOEY?

Listen to the first of our TEKT-Talks and discover what our partners love about our one-of-a-kind telecoms billing system, ZOEY.

Play Video about TEKT-Talks-Episode -1- why-is-bureau-billing-at-tekton-that-much-better


Why is bureau billing at Tekton better?

When it comes to telecoms billing… why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? We delve into the true meaning of Bureau Billing.

Play Video about TELK-Talks-Episode-3- Should-billing-be-a-best-of-breed-solution?


Should billing be a best-of-breed solution?

Listen to a thought-provoking discussion on whether billing should be a standalone solution or incorporated into a larger software system.