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A podcast created specifically for the IT and telecoms industry.

Listen to Tekton Billing’s TEKT-Talks to gain industry insight and learn more about our product, service and the people behind our brand!

Play Video about TEKT-Talks-Episode -1- What-do-partners-love-about-ZOEY

TEKT-Talk Eps.1

What do partners love about ZOEY?

Play Video about TEKT-Talks-Episode -1- why-is-bureau-billing-at-tekton-that-much-better

TEKT-Talk Eps.2

Why is bureau billing at Tekton better?

Play Video about TELK-Talks-Episode-3- Should-billing-be-a-best-of-breed-solution?

TEKT-Talk Eps.3

Should billing be a best-of-breed solution?