In such a competitive marketplace, channel operations need to stand out from the crowd if they are to attract new customers. And in this new digital-first world, end-users want to manage their own accounts easily, supported by clear and robust usage data to inform their future decisions.

With our new user-facing financial reports, you can offer your customers more visibility over their usage through easy-to-understand graphics and data sets that can be quickly manipulated to find the information they need.


New Financial Reports


List of Active Services

Users can maintain awareness over their lines and activity by running a report on the current list of active services and associated totals. They also have the ability to filter the data by Product Type, Tariff Name and Status to drill down on the information they need.




Top Users

Cost cutting is a major focus given the current climate, and now users can investigate how they can save money by listing the top services from the current list of active services selected by Total Spend or Total Spend by Cost Centre.



Top Users by Usage

Whether it’s to discover which hard-working staff are burning the midnight oil, or using their work devices for personal activities like personal hotspots for Netflix, for example, users can identify the top services from the current list of active services by Total Usage, Total Usage by Cost Centre, Total Usage by Usage Category.


Top Out of Bundle Spend

To help customers cap their unnecessary spend even further, they can now uncover which lines are going over their bundles from the current list of active services, by Total Out of Bundle Spend, Total Out of Bundle Spend by Usage Type, Total Out of Bundle Spend by Usage Category and Total Out of Bundle Spend by Cost Centre. You could also run the same report (If you don’t already within ZOEY’s admin portal) to proactively understand customer usage, then reach out to offer higher value bundles, which proves the quality of your customer service and ability to oversee your network.


International Calls

The cost of International calls can create frustrations between users and providers, and we want to reduce the number of ‘bill-shock’ calls you receive. Now, your users can run International Call Reports based on Total International Call Spend, Total International Call Spend by Dialled Number, and Total International by Cost Centre, as applicable to identify areas of high spend.


Zero Usage

To help users identify lines that are not being used and could potentially be deactivated to save costs, the Zero Usage Report identifies lines with zero usage for a given invoice period.




Users can keep a more accurate track of heavy usage by running a report on alerts, such as spend or data usage, that have been triggered through the current period.


All told, your customers will be armed with more usage information than ever before. Meaning better visibility and clearer information with graphical reporting capabilities, and more control with customers now able to leverage search fields restrict the data shown. These new reports will also reduce the number of calls your customer service team receives about higher-than-expected usage and costs.

If you’d like to know more about how Tekton can ensure both you and your customers have the usage information required to operate a cost-efficient business, don’t hesitate to get in touch!