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How Safe Is My Data?

ZOEY is a fully hosted system and we operate fully mirrored data centres in a high availability environment. Our infrastructure supplier is IASME GDPR certified and the data centres they host the infrastructure in are ISO27001 and IL2 certified, therefore, you can be assured that all your sensitive data is held within the most restricted environments.

How Long Does A Migration Take?

We advise our partners that a typical migration process takes between 8-12 weeks. Depending on the input from you and the general quality of the data being inputted, this has been known to be achieved in much shorter time frames.

Do You Collect My Direct Debits?

ZOEY provides the ability to extract reports for the major Direct Debit providers which allows for quick integration with your preferred supplier.

Do You Offer The Ability To Bill Cap?

ZOEY has full network-level bill capping functionality, thus ensuring you meet the requirements stated in the OFCOM legislation. The bill cap limit can be set by the end customer within the customer facing portal.

Can I Create My Own Bundles?

Within ZOEY you have complete autonomy to create various types of bundles to fit the needs of your end customer. These bundles may be shared aggregated or dynamic; whatever the situation may be we will have a solution to your problem.

Will I Be Able To Create My Own Tariffs?

ZOEY has a breadth of functionality that allows you to create as the most basic and complex tariffs. ZOEY gives you the ability to apply custom rates and create specific higher priority rate cards, bundles, minutes, texts and data.

Will The Invoices Be in My Own Name?

All invoices will be branded with your company logo and details.

Will My Customers Have Access To A Portal?

As standard, all of the end customers will have access to a customer facing portal, allowing them to review their bills, perform self-service actions and raise help-desk tickets.

How Will You Send Out My Bills?

To be fully GDPR compliant all invoices are stored within the customer portal where the customer can log in and download their latest invoice. When an invoice is ready, they will receive an email from your own web domain, stating an invoice is ready to view, prompted with a link for them to log into the portal.

Are You GDPR Compliant?

Tekton Billing are a fully GDPR compliant business and all of the details of our GDPR procedures can be found within our privacy policy.

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