3 Billing Practices Every Telco Should Adopt

3 Billing Practices every Telco should adopt

Effective billing practices are the cornerstone of success for telecom companies, capable of either propelling them to new heights or hindering their growth. Telco billing isn’t just about collecting payments; it plays a pivotal role in shaping customer satisfaction, ensuring regulatory compliance, and maintaining operational efficiency. Indeed, effective telco billing practices can help improve your margins, better serve your customers and even drive new sales!

As technology continues to advance and customer expectations grow, it’s essential for telcos to stay ahead of the curve by adopting modern billing practices. In this blog post, we explore 3 billing practices every telco should consider implementing to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.


1. Transparent and Easy-to-Understand Billing Statements

Complex, confusing telco billing statements are a common source of frustration for customers. To improve customer satisfaction and reduce support enquiries, telcos should prioritise transparent and easy-to-understand billing statements.

  • Itemised Billing: Break down charges into clear, itemised sections, including a detailed list of services used, costs and any additional fees or taxes. This transparency helps customers understand what they’re paying for.


  • Unified Billing: Simplify the billing process by consolidating multiple services, such as mobile, internet, landline and IT services, into one easy-to-understand monthly bill. This reduces the administrative burden on customers, as they have only one bill to review and pay. If you’re still issuing multiple invoices for different services, accounting and reconciliation becomes laborious for your end-customer. This can often become an incentive for them to move providers.


  • Consolidated Reporting: Provide customers with consolidated usage and billing reports, allowing them to track their spending across services at a glance. This transparency facilitates effective budget management. It also helps customers gain a deeper understanding of usage patterns, enabling them to make informed decisions about their plans and identify potential cost-saving opportunities.


By simplifying billing statements, telcos empower customers to make informed decisions about their plans and better manage their expenses, resulting in improved satisfaction and loyalty.

Huge shout out to Tekton Billing, for making our customers’ lives that bit clearer. It’s not often a customer can see live data on their usage and spending for both mobile and landline, in one pane of glass.”


2. Extensive Self-Service Options

Empowering customers with self-service capabilities is a fundamental billing practice that enhances both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. It is an area where Tekton Billing has excelled, leading the industry in terms of functionality.

  • Online Customer Portal: Provide customers with a user-friendly online customer portal that is available 24/7. This platform should allow customers to view their bills, update personal information and modify their services or plans independently without needing to contact customer support. Moreover, network API integrations enable end-customers to self-serve an array of functions in real time. For instance, here at Tekton Billing, our integrations with industry-leading carriers, like O2, Vodafone, DWS, Zest4, Cellhire and Wireless Logic, even allow users to undertake SIM swaps and call barring in real-time. 


  • Fully Branded Customer Portal: The right customer portal can greatly affect your customers’ perception of your business. At Tekton Billing, we offer a fully branded customer portal that is hosted on a reseller’s domain, delivering a truly personalised experience. This portal also empowers resellers to configure marketing messages that pop up as users access the portal, enabling them to promote other products in their business. This helps create cross-selling opportunities and generate new sales. 


  • Customisable Alerts: Allow customers to set up personalised alerts for reaching specific usage thresholds. For example, customers can receive notifications when they approach their monthly data limit or when international roaming charges exceed predefined amounts. These alerts empower customers to stay in control of their expenses and help prevent bill shock. In addition, you can automatically suspend services or send warnings when customers exceed predefined spending limits to avoid unexpected high bills.


By emphasizing self-service options, telcos empower customers to take control of their accounts, resolve billing issues independently, and make billing-related tasks more convenient. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also reduces the burden on customer support teams, leading to operational efficiency gains.

For more details, read our blog post on The benefits of self-serve functionality.

The self-serve functionality has been a massive win. Being able to guarantee bars, caps and alerts are live within hours, rather than days, and giving customers that level of control has been a game changer.”


3. Margin Optimization Analysis

Effective margin management is essential for telcos looking to enhance profitability while maintaining customer satisfaction. Now more than ever, channel partners need to squeeze every penny out of their margins to secure stable long-term success. Your telecom billing system can maximise margins by streamlining billing processes, improving accuracy and providing valuable insights.

  • Complex Tariff and Rating Capabilities: Extensive tariff and rating capabilities enable partners to provide a true disconnect between wholesale and retail, providing them with the flexibility to refine their commercial strategy. This, in turn, helps maximise margins and catalyse growth. ZOEY allows resellers to restructure propositions, optimise bundles, and package items to be sold on a retail basis. These can be entirely different to the purchased wholesale proposition. With insights into customer usage and spending patterns, resellers can tweak their pricing strategy and identify opportunities to increase revenue.


  • Margin Analysis: Telecoms billing generates an abundance of data, from which valuable insights can be extracted. However, the right telecom billing software is required to translate and visualise this data into actionable insights. Visualisation and comprehension, rather than raw data, is key. ZOEY’s revolutionary business intelligence reporting and margin analysis suite help resellers identify loss-making services, unallocated services and high-margin charges. We also provide a month-on-month variance analysis to help explain any changes in your monthly bill run compared to the previous period.


  • Cost Reduction – Your telecom billing system can help reduce your costs. The ability to buy data in bulk and disconnect your billing from your wholesale supplier and retail customer enables you to reap economies of scale and manipulate pricing. You can also reduce billing overheads with advanced self-serve functionality and bulk update functionality to increase productivity.


Margin optimization not only boosts profitability but also enables telcos to offer competitive pricing, invest in network improvements and provide innovative services, ultimately benefiting the whole channel.

“…a billing portal that knocks the leading industry alternatives out of the water, we can easily keep track of our spending and accurately manage our costs.”


Telco Billing – Summary

In today’s competitive telecommunications landscape, billing is a critical part of any business. As resellers face the ongoing challenge of differentiation, telco billing is a clear avenue to creating competitive advantage.  By adopting transparent billing statements, offering extensive self-service options and conducting margin optimisation analysis, telcos can create a seamless and customer-centric billing experience.

These practices not only lead to happier customers but also contribute to operational efficiency and revenue growth. In a rapidly changing industry, staying customer-focused through modern billing practices is the key to long-term success.

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