telecoms billing system - what our partners love about ZOEY

What our partners love most about ZOEY

Tekton Billing has led the innovation in IT and Telecoms billing for the last 5 years, driven by a desire to change the industry perception of what a billing system can do.

ZOEY was borne out of the frustrations of a wholesale telecoms team who thought there must be a better way to bill in the 21st Century. In the fast-paced world of telecoms, businesses need a telecoms billing system that can help them grow. The role of a billing system is so much more than just a glorified PDF!

ZOEY is a transformative telecoms billing solution that addresses the evolving needs of businesses, providing them with a solid foundation for growth and continuity. We explore some of the key reasons why our partners love ZOEY below.


What our partners love about our Telecoms Billing System, ZOEY

A Gateway to Business Transformation:

Many of our partners are forward thinking companies looking at ways to grow and transform their business, for structure, continuity and future planning. ZOEY provides them with this opportunity to grow and transform their business. It is so much more than “just” a telecoms billing platform.

ZOEY serves as a central hub, seamlessly integrating with other critical business systems such as accounting packages, CRM software and provisioning tools. It sits as the crucial and central piece of the jigsaw, to which all systems connect and communicate. ZOEY’s versatility allows partners to streamline their operations and increase efficiencies.

“Wow, it encompasses everything that you want it to do, but it also looks brilliant and it’s so logical in the way that it works.” Bethany Foley, Head of Enterprise Billing

Simplicity and Usability:

Despite its complexity behind the scenes, ZOEY boasts a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate. The system’s simplicity and logical design have made it a hit among both new resellers and large businesses.

From invoicing to managing tariffs, ZOEY’s simplicity stands out. Everything is wizard led, eliminating the frustration of having to navigate multiple screens and optimising efficiency. Users can add new services in under 60 seconds! Even when it comes to the invoicing stage, we have a 10-step checklist for the perfect bill run which if you follow, your bills are clear and ready to post.

Essentially, the fundamental basic principles of telecoms billing processes are done exceptionally well in ZOEY, and this stands us out from the crowd.

“There is beauty in simplicity, and ultimately our platform, despite what’s going on behind the scenes in terms of its complex tariffing, rating and bundling, the system and interface itself is so simple. It’s so easy to use and it’s so logical.” Harry McKeever, Managing Director

Seamless Integrations:

With robust APIs, ZOEY seamlessly integrates with popular CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, as well as accounting platforms such as Xero. These integrations eliminate the common pain point of communication gaps between different systems.

It ensures that crucial customer information is readily available to frontline employees, giving them access to the information they need, when they need it, from any system. This removes the need to switch between multiple systems, improving efficiency and reducing the likelihood of error.

Increased Productivity and Accuracy:

A large portion of our partner base is made up of fast-growing companies, who acquire other telco businesses and regularly bolt on groups of different staff members with different processes. This could result in things getting out of sync.

ZOEY’s intuitive design and structured system architecture minimizes errors and increases productivity. The system is intuitive and clever enough to stop users doing something they shouldn’t in their tracks.

Partners can also rest assured that their teams, whether in sales, provisioning or finance, have access to accurate and up-to-date information, whilst reducing errors. By centralizing information, ZOEY saves time and reduces the risk of data inconsistencies.

“Ultimately, the most important thing in billing is to be accurate, and the way our system is structured enables accuracy throughout.” Harry McKeever, Managing Director

Branding and Empowering Sales Directors:

Contrary to common misconceptions, ZOEY is not solely a telecoms billing platform detached from sales processes. Sales directors have found immense value in ZOEY’s enhanced customer portal and API-driven nature.

The platform serves as a powerful tool for sales teams, allowing them to lead with impressive, branded customer portals that offer transformational self-serve benefits to their end customers. It also improves brand perception and enhances the customer experience.

Read our blog post to discover 5 ways businesses are cross-selling through ZOEY.

Holistic Approach:

When ZOEY was developed, we took a holistic approach to meet the diverse needs and priorities of different stakeholders. Commercially, the platform offers a comprehensive bundling and rating engine, enabling partners to build and sell anything they want, to develop clever wholesale purchasing strategies. This helps improve potential profitability.

From a finance perspective, ZOEY helps accounts teams to streamline their processes and increase accuracy. Operationally, CRM and API integrations ensure seamless workflows and from a customer perspective, the fully branded customer portal enhances the customer experience and loyalty. All angles have been looked at to ensure ZOEY adds maximum value across all areas of a business.

“We fundamentally started with a very good billing platform that we knew could bill everything we wanted but then we looked at how to appease different stakeholders from various different angles.” Charlie McKeever, Director



ZOEY is revolutionizing the telecoms billing landscape by offering partners a transformative solution that goes beyond a traditional billing system. Its versatility, seamless integrations, productivity, usability, and focus on accuracy make it an indispensable tool for partners. ZOEY empowers partners to grow their businesses, enhance customer experiences, and achieve long-term success in a rapidly evolving industry.

“Best billing platform for the Telecoms industry by far! Our existing platform was far too rigid and didn’t move with the times. Moving to Tekton was a breeze, far greater flexibility which in turn has led to greater profits! Support team are fantastic and queries are dealt with there and then on the phone. Anyone looking for a billing system for their Telecoms, look no further!” Tekton Billing Customer


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