How automation will improve your billing

Automation is one of those buzz-words that you hear across the channel, and while it is certainly over-used, it’s still an essential aspect of your operation, enabling you to be more efficient and accurate with your customers data.

Plus, taking away the monotonous, repeatable tasks from your team and leaving them to a computer means happier staff that can spend more time on more important tasks.

Since day-one, we’ve invested time and resource into developing industry-leading automation capabilities for ZOEY, including:

CDR downloads

With hourly, automatic imports, you’ll never miss a CDR or spend valuable time collecting them manually ever again. Not to mention the risk of human errors accidentally affecting the raw data.

However, relying on automation can cause you to fall into the trap of reliance. Which is exactly why ZOEY has a built-in alarm system that alerts you when an expected CDR doesn’t arrive, enabling a prompt investigation and resolution before invoices are sent out.

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Tying together ZOEY’s self-service capabilities and network integrated call barring provides powerful protection for your end-customers, with immediate alerts and restrictions when users reach their allotted limits.

Furthermore, bars and alert profiles can be automatically applied to any new services by default – this way nothing gets forgotten – and again removing human error from the equation!


When CDR data is imported (which is as frequently as presented by the supplier), that usage immediately gets rated with a financial cost to the end-user. But if any commercials change in the platform after the original import (a last-minute price change for example) then the usage must be “re-rated” to ensure an accurate invoice.

In most other billing platforms, re-rating has to be manually requested by a user, making it an “on-demand” process. This takes up unnecessary time and can be clumsy; resulting in delayed updates, or worse still, completely forgotten; which could lead to mis-billing and frustrated customers.

In ZOEY, this reprocessing happens automatically (every hour) behind the scenes to ensure accurate, timely billing every invoice run.

When a ZOEY user is checking accounts, they can flag customers on-the-fly with a single click, as and when they are making these pricing changes. This flagging adds them to the automatic reprocess queue that we affectionately know as “the woodpile”.

Anything on the woodpile is then re-rated within the hour and updated as necessary, meaning no last-minute maths that breeds human error and more time for your team to spend on more nuanced issues. In turn, leading to happier customers and happier staff too!

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Early termination fees

Occasionally, you have to let customers go – whether it’s a bad experience, price or one of hundreds of other causes. But, making that process as smooth as possible prevents burning bridges that may still be walked on, sometime in the future.

Using ZOEY’s contract management suite can save your billing managers a considerable amount of time, when it comes to calculating ETFs. ZOEY will automatically calculate and display the remaining contract value, meaning a quick resolution if the customer does decide to terminate the service.

With a growing team, we’re constantly developing new automation capabilities within ZOEY and finding new ways to help save our partners’ time and money. If you’re looking for a new billing platform that helps you be more accurate, efficient and ultimately, more profitable, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and discover just how much ZOEY can benefit your channel operation.