The benefits of self-serve functionality

As more and more businesses move their operations to the cloud and leverage collaboration tools like video calling, data usage is increasing massively – nearly doubling in the last year.

While increased usage is always a boom for the channel, such increases can lead to end-users losing track, going over their data allowances, leading to frustrated customers and awkward conversations when they query their bills.

The best way to reduce and even eliminate the potential for these issues is by giving end-users more control over their services. These self-serve capabilities don’t just prevent potentially negative calls to customer service lines – that’s more a result of the benefits below.

Reduced drain on support

Maybe the biggest benefit of giving end-users more control, is lower demand on your customer service lines. Routine or time-consuming tasks, like SIM swaps or setting up usage alerts, can be offloaded onto the customer.

With a lower volume of calls, staff can spend longer with the customers that genuinely need their support, deliver a higher level of service and ultimately improve CSAT scores and increase the chances of them offering a positive review or testimonial! Plus, many customers prefer to have the ability to do this themselves too.

Out-of-hours support

Especially for resellers that may not have the resource or headcount to operate 24/7 support lines, time-critical actions such as call barring can still be offered out of hours without requiring staff to man it.

Again, this improves customer satisfaction, but could also create opportunities with partners that couldn’t otherwise be entertained.

For example, some larger enterprises wouldn’t even entertain the idea of working with a billing provider that can’t support Out of Hours call barring, because of the additional financial risk at scale. By adopting the most comprehensive billing platform available, you can gain a competitive edge, especially in large tenders where bespoke solutions are par for the course, and specific features are more than just ‘nice-to-haves’.

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ZOEY’s self-serve functionality includes:

  • Invoice download and analysis
  • Login management (users and permissions)
  • Account/service management (update usernames, cost centres, addresses, reporting groups)
  • Alerting (account and service level, monetary, for usage and bundle consumption, with email/SMS, and auto-barring controls)
  • Network API integrations (call barring, SIM swaps, tariff changes)

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Increased accuracy

Mistakes are easily made, and the more people involved, the higher the chances of someone making a simple error like mis-hearing a ‘five’ for a ‘nine’ when performing a SIM swap over the phone for example.

Reducing the number of links in the chain means less chance of human error detracting from a 5* service – so why take the risk? Plus, giving those abilities over to your customers means that there’s absolutely no way that your team could be held responsible, giving your service staff the chance to go ‘above and beyond’ to resolve whatever issue has arisen from the original mistake.

Report personalisation

ZOEY’s self-serve customer portal is so comprehensive that to many end-customers ZOEY becomes more than just a method of bill delivery, but an important business intelligence tool they can leverage regularly.

Many end customers will utilise ZOEY to analyse outbound calling performance and trends, possibly replacing traditional call logging software. Therefore, it’s important that the reporting personalisation is put in the hands of the customer, so they have control of what data they present and how.

ZOEY’s self-service features include username allocations, creating custom reporting groups, and even itemised call tagging (which is particularly important for expensing and cross charging personal calls, client chargeable calls etc). All of this user definable data is fed back into ZOEY’s comprehensive reporting suite and transformed into easy-to-read reports.

So, if you’re looking to offer more control to your customers and save money, book your demo today! ZOEY’s broad self-serve functionality could become one of your key USPs, and help you win more sales, improve customer satisfaction and operate leaner, with reduced demand on customer service teams too!

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